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India’s airlines are sharply curtailing their fleet expansion plans as the Covid-19 pandemic saps demand for travel and pushes prospects of a recovery to next year

#COVID19 negatively affects Kima’s development, expansion plans

Ontario plans major expansion of COVID-19 testing, possibility of serology screening

Catch-up: Paddy Power Betfair owner Flutter Entertainment has tapped investors for cash to ramp up its expansion plans and shore up its finances #coronavirus 

With $24.3M in new funding, #womenshealth  #startup  Tia charts expansion plans, writes @EliseReuter 

Deferred expansion plans fuel prospect of lithium price spike after 2022

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Deferred expansion plans fuel prospect of lithium price spike after 2022 by @ReutersPratimaD  #lithium  #mining  #electricvehicle  #battery 

Abbott Laboratoriesplans expansion into Westbrook to boost production of virus test kits @EdMurphyPPH  has the story.


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The second-stage public consultation of the proposed Anfield Road expansion has begun today. Local residents, representatives, businesses and supporters have been invited to review the club’s updated plans, which have been reshaped based on the feedback received.

As early as tonight, Congress plans to sneak an expansion of mass surveillance into law. Only your call, right now, can stop them. The and I are here to help, doing a live Q&A on in a half hour ( @ 2PM EST). Ask us anything! (SuddenlySnowden)

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"The Trump Organisation’s plans for a major expansion of its Scottish resort by building swaths of luxury villas have been thwarted, further jeopardising efforts by the company to stem multimillion pound losses at its most prestigious overseas property."

Trump is going to court today to dismantle the entire ACA. Again. Pre-existing conditions, Medicaid expansion, staying on parent’s plans. All. Of. It. We’ll fight in the courts. We’ll push to expand coverage for all Americans. We won't let the GOP roll back all our progress.

Breaking: 2022 World Cup in Qatar will only be 32 teams - FIFA has abandoned plans for 48 teams and expansion in the Gulf

Americans deserve health care that actually meets their needs, not the Trump administration's junk plans that hardly cover anything. Proud to join 's effort to undo Donald Trump's expansion of junk insurance plans. #NoJunkPlans 

50 Senate Republicans voted to let insurance companies offer skimpy, junk insurance plans that don’t cover essential health benefits. Every single Democrat stood up to the Trump administration's sabotage and voted to eliminate the expansion of these junk plans. #NoJunkPlans 

Today, both parties made it clear where they stand on the issue of health care. Republicans voted to let insurance companies offer junk plans that don’t cover essential benefits. Dems stood up to the sabotage & voted to stop the expansion of junk plans.

We cannot let the Trump administration rewrite the rules and threaten the guaranteed protections that families need. If you agree, please make your voices heard in support of my Senate resolution to force a vote on overturning Trump’s expansion of junk insurance plans.

BREAKING: Ford announces it is canceling plans for new $1.6B plant in Mexico; company to invest $700M in Michigan plant expansion