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When this is all over someone should launch a tour of Britain which is just Salisbury Cathedral to Barnard Castle, with a stop off for lunch at the Pizza Express'>Woking Pizza Express.

So did he go to Pizza Express in Woking or not?

Hmm 🤔 Two of Twitter’s top trending stories tonight. All to do with #DominicCummngs  media appearance today (rather than #PrinceAndrew  and Pizza Express in Woking ...)

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Pizza Express in Woking, eye test in Barnard Castle. Yep.

It’s only a matter of time before the Woking branch of Pizza Express gets a mention..... #cummings 

I'm sure Cummings will face the same sort of life-changing consequences for his comments today as did Prince Andrew with his entirely reasonable Pizza Express alibi.

"I had to go to Barnard Castle to check my eyesight" is up there with taking your daughter to Pizza Express in Woking, as far as highly-specific British alibis go. Also, incidentally, confirms a bunch of media reports and not covered as an exception under the lockdown guidance.

Pizza Express could 'permanently close a number of UK restaurants'

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Some Pizza Express restaurants may never open again as coronavirus closures hit the struggling chain


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“I wasn’t in Barnard Castle because I was in a Pizza Express in Woking that night.”

“Fuck me chef, there’s a bloke out there who’s eaten a whole American Hot and not broken a single bead of sweat” Overheard in the kitchen at Pizza Express, Woking, March 2001. I imagine. #PrinceAndrew 

I simply must go (Baby it's cold outside) The answer is no (But baby it's cold outside) The neighbours might think (I will say I was at Pizza Express'>Woking Pizza Express)

Look. The reviews of the Pizza Express at Woking are very, very good.

Disgusted with Pizza Express! just been in one of their restaurants & 1 in every 4 chairs was facing Mecca just to appease Muslim customers!

Imagine how many new couples are currently trying to look more in love than all the other new couples in Pizza Express right now.

Wonderful Valentines day... In Dubai, on the beach all day, swimming in the sea, and to round it all off, a romantic.. Pizza Hut Express.