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I don't want the country to take a pity on the basis of my humble background. I do not think I would like to enter in any competition with Prime Minister Modi Ji on this particular matter: Former PM Manmohan Singh on why he doesn't talk about his background like PM Modi
It's a shame that an Indian leader needs to be told this by a foreign one, when our history is one of co-existence, our Constitution reflects pluralism &our culture accepts difference. A great pity that some Indians don't share the values on which India is built.
"The father said neighbours had taken pity and invited his family to a funeral so they could finish off the food."

Frank Field's account of the distressing experiences of some of his constituents moves Conservative MP Heidi Allen to tears during a debate about universal credit.
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I am 100 percent OVER the self-pity, conspiracy theorizing, moaning and foot stomping demands of Sanders bitter enders. Like, DONE.
Pity not being able to add another win! From now on we're in #ChampionsLeague mode 👊🏻 @ManUtd
Dont laugh about the suffering of a kid who's made terrible decisions after being thrust into a world he wasn't ready 4. Pity him. Help him.
There was no time to blink during the match! A pity we couldn’t take the 3 points with us to London!
And I will still reach the end of my life having walked through most of it with an emotional limp. I do not wallow in self-pity. No one did this to me. It is just how it is. I am just unlucky.
What kind of person is sunk in self-pity not even 48 hours after winning election to the presidency of the United States?
RIP the King of Thailand. A Humble King. Its a pity and an honour to be here on your passing.
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