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There was no time to blink during the match! A pity we couldn’t take the 3 points with us to London!
Dont laugh about the suffering of a kid who's made terrible decisions after being thrust into a world he wasn't ready 4. Pity him. Help him.
@nytimes @robreiner These durges are getting old. These demands that we pity the poor victors who have achieved rural domination of urban America.
What kind of person is sunk in self-pity not even 48 hours after winning election to the presidency of the United States?
RIP the King of Thailand. A Humble King. Its a pity and an honour to be here on your passing.
Otherwise they'll feel sad and disrespected and the @NYTimes will write doleful odes to their misery so the rest of us will pity them?
Conte says it was a pity to have to take Boga off so early. 'For sure in the future he could have another chance.' #CHEBUR
What a crazy match - for us it's a pity that we didn't win ...But a point vs. #WHU is better than nothing. #WHUvAFC
Pity the waiter who has to serve Theresa May. My sketch:
Priebus legitimized a man whom he never fully understood and helped elect him to the presidency. Don't pity him.
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