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The sound of a penguin falling, its sympathetic crew responding, and its gruff dismissal of pity is so far the audio hit of the year.
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it feels like 2018 is either going to be the year we all finally sort our shit out or the universe is just gonna meteor earth out of pity - happy new year everyone!
I will address Central Govt and organisations employees on Dr. Ambedkar’s writings on Indian Economy. Pity Nehru did not allow him to become FM
If any homeless person dies due to weather in this cold snap
The blame lies with the person in number 10 Downing Street
She’s quick to get rid of Russians
Pity she’s not as fast to act to help shelter our own homeless people
I don't want the country to take a pity on the basis of my humble background. I do not think I would like to enter in any competition with Prime Minister Modi Ji on this particular matter: Former PM Manmohan Singh on why he doesn't talk about his background like PM Modi
I am 100 percent OVER the self-pity, conspiracy theorizing, moaning and foot stomping demands of Sanders bitter enders. Like, DONE.
Pity not being able to add another win! From now on we're in #ChampionsLeague mode 👊🏻 @ManUtd
.@realDonaldTrump is pushing every button to start a trade war, nations are starting to react: China imposing tariffs, threatening to end DACA, taking the nuclear option because the saw something on Fox News he agreed with. It's a pity how far, he's taken the U.S.
Dont laugh about the suffering of a kid who's made terrible decisions after being thrust into a world he wasn't ready 4. Pity him. Help him.
There was no time to blink during the match! A pity we couldn’t take the 3 points with us to London!
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