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I am 100 percent OVER the self-pity, conspiracy theorizing, moaning and foot stomping demands of Sanders bitter enders. Like, DONE.
Pity not being able to add another win! From now on we're in #ChampionsLeague mode 👊🏻 @ManUtd
Lesbian,gay,bi,trans skeletons sat on a cloud
No one gives a fuck
Pity not same on earth
Dont laugh about the suffering of a kid who's made terrible decisions after being thrust into a world he wasn't ready 4. Pity him. Help him.
There was no time to blink during the match! A pity we couldn’t take the 3 points with us to London!
I pity the child of these parents, used as a political football on air for their bigoted and ignorant agenda
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What kind of person is sunk in self-pity not even 48 hours after winning election to the presidency of the United States?
RIP the King of Thailand. A Humble King. Its a pity and an honour to be here on your passing.
So if you don't mind, I'm going to reserve my pity for all the people of color, immigrants, LGBT folks and climate change believers who
@nytimes @robreiner These durges are getting old. These demands that we pity the poor victors who have achieved rural domination of urban America.
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