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'Jack Ryan' Gets 4 Pinocchios on Venezuela - Foundation for Economic Education

Joe Biden Gets Two Pinocchios For Claim That He Got ‘150,00 Combat Troops Out Of Iraq’ #DemocraticDebate 

🚨 A Washington Post Fact Check awards Joe Biden Three Pinocchios for claiming that he didn't tell Obama not to launch the raid that killed Bin Laden. Biden himself has publicly stated that he said “don’t go.” 🤥🤥🤥

Washington Post Fact Checkers award Elizabeth Warren Four Pinocchios for a blatantly false claim that the filibuster stopped immigration reform. 🤥🤥🤥🤥

Trump’s use of the $150 billion continues to be problematic. Trump suggests this was taxpayer money. In the tweet, he explicitly compared it to a congressional appropriation. That’s just flat wrong — and worthy of Four Pinocchios.

WaPo Fact Checker Gives Biden ‘Three Pinocchios’ for Bin Laden Claims

“In the lexicon of the Post’s fact-checking department, lies, rather than causing Pinocchio’s nose to grow, cause him to spontaneously reproduce, like a very naughty paramecium”

A weird thing about the Washington Post’s fact-check rating: Lies, rather than causing Pinocchio’s nose to grow, cause him to spontaneously reproduce—“like a very naughty paramecium,” @pareene  writes.

When Pinocchios cry? WashPost fact-checker @GlennKesslerWP  wails the Trump fact beat is "incredibly depressing."

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“In campaigns around the country, there will be fewer exaggerations and falsehoods. Politicians will try to out-do each other by bragging about their good records for Pinocchios and Truth-O-Meter ratings.” By @BillAdairDuke : #predix2020 


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Four (4) Pinocchios. That’s what Adam Schiff earned for his claim that "we have not spoken directly with the whistleblower."

Never thought we’d see this: @washingtonpost  is finally holding Pelosi accountable for months of spewing lies and consistently using fake stats to push her extreme anti-gun agenda. WaPo gave her 4 out of 4 Pinocchios — the score given to the worst liar.

Warren & Harris get 4 well-deserved Pinocchios for their Michael Brown was “murdered” falsehood.

Adam Schiff has been falsely claiming that the Whistleblower has a “Statutory Right” to anonymity. The Washington Post gave this claim THREE PINOCCHIOS. Every Republican should bring this up at today’s hearing.

Four Pinocchios| Schiff’s false claim his committee had not spoken to the whistleblower

Congresswoman Jackie Speier: "The president of the United States has 5 pinocchios everyday so let's not go there." (Audible applause in the room.)

This is why no one trusts the media or “Fact CheckersFact-checker: Ocasio-Cortez's 'doctored documents' claim 'misleading,' but gets no Pinocchios | TheHill

When The Washington Post gives one of their liberal heroes 4 Pinocchios about his hit and run DUI you know he’s full of it.

WaPo factchecker: “Ellison is trying to have it both ways, publicly distancing himself while privately doing something else. He earns Four Pinocchios for suggesting his interactions with Farrakhan ended in 2006.”