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Houston Rockets’ players James Harden, Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green pushed into Clippers locker room post-game looking to confront Austin Rivers, league sources tell ESPN. Security escorted Rockets out before anything turned physical.
BTS' 'Love Yourself: Her' comes out on the top of the charts in a strong year for Korean physical album sales
#TAEYEON Winter Album ‘This Christmas – Winter is Coming’
Title Track ‘#ThisChristmas
❄Digital Release: 2017.12.12 6PM (KST)
❄Physical Release: 2017.12.13

Vital Stats from President Trump’s Physical:
Height: 75 Inches.
Weight: 239 Pounds.
Depth: None.
A reminder that at least 15 women have accused Donald Trump on the record of unwanted physical contact. Listen for the patterns in their stories. #inners
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there is no better version of yourself than when you're around a friend's parents and become the physical embodiment of politeness and grace
Feeling @DanielCaesar music on a legit physical level.. if you haven’t you must get involved right now.
I’m almost 30 and am starting to go bald.
I struggled with that insecurity for the last few years but have finally not only accepted it, but am now enjoying the maturity and physical evolution.
#RapBruceWillis Fuck Wit Me!
Love yourself people! Flaws and all.
The 6th Full Album '#HolidayNight'
• Digital release: Aug 4, 6pm KST
• Physical release: Aug 7

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