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YES!!!!!!!!!!!! #EAGLES #SUPERBOWLCHAMPS #PHILLY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Philly for last night. Hope you all enjoyed the show, you've always been lovely to us. H
Good morning from Philly where crews from the city are greasing the light poles with Crisco to prevent #Eagles fans from climbing after the #NFCChampionshipGame tonight. #Vikings pregame coverage starts at 3 on FOX9. They call themselves the #CriscoCops
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Philly fans, help me tackle hunger today! For every ReTweet, P&G will donate $1 to ShopRite Partners in Caring!
Eagles traded N. Foles to Rams for S. Bradford. Foles lost his job in St. Louis, C. Keenum takes over. Eagles draft C. Wentz and trade Bradford to Minn. Vikings sign Keenum, who replaces injured Bradford. Foles returns to Philly, replaces injured Wentz. Now, Foles vs. Keenum.
Great 2 shows in Philly love you guys amazing xxxx
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