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We've located wreckage of USS Indianapolis in Philippine Sea at 5500m below the sea. '35' on hull 1st confirmation:
Maine Mendoza continues to be the queen of Philippine Twitter.
Wonderful visit to the Mahaveer Philippine Foundation. Their efforts of fitting the Jaipur Foot on needy amputees have touched several lives. During my visit, saw a series of exhibits and interacted with amputees.
JUST IN: With a vote of 188-0, House approves the proposed "Philippine HIV and AIDS Policy Act" on third and final reading #HIVPolicyNow | via @erwincolcol
ADVISORY: Tamang Panahon event this Sat at the Philippine Arena. Expect NLEX to feel like the road to forever. Plan your trips accordingly.
Philippine police killed three men in a Manila slum and called it self-defense. But chilling surveillance footage obtained by Reuters suggests the men may have been executed. via @clarebaldwin and @Journotopia (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)
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The U.S. Navy has stopped the search and rescue mission for the three Sailors missing after their plane crashed into the Philippine Sea, a press release from the Navy said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with our lost shipmates and their families,” said Rear Adm. Marc Dalton.
Trump is more comfortable w Russian, Philippine & Saudi leaders than core European allies. Most disconcerting aspect of his foreign policy.
Philippine Pres Duterte has developed a novel anti-poverty program: just kill off the poor. 12,000 executed to date.
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