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We've located wreckage of USS Indianapolis in Philippine Sea at 5500m below the sea. '35' on hull 1st confirmation:
JUST IN: Lost USS Indianapolis from World War II found today in the Philippine Sea
ADVISORY: Tamang Panahon event this Sat at the Philippine Arena. Expect NLEX to feel like the road to forever. Plan your trips accordingly.
Philippine churches to toll bells every night for 3 months as protest against police killings of drug suspects.
Trump is more comfortable w Russian, Philippine & Saudi leaders than core European allies. Most disconcerting aspect of his foreign policy.
There you go. Philippine Peso falls through 51 against the dollar for the first time in 11 years
Police killed 32 people in the bloodiest night of Duterte's war on drugs. An inside look at the Philippine drug war.
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LOOK: Jampacked crowd at Philippine Arena | #ALDubEBTamangPanahon via @rvncrtz
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