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We don’t have to choose sides between the murder of Philando Castille or the Dallas Police officers. We are rightly sickened by both.
If the NRA can't speak up for Philando Castille, the NRA should dissolve and go home.
So upsetting and unreal...Alton Sterling & Philando Castille, my heart is with your families & I'm praying you get the justice you deserve
You couldn't even bring yourself to say Philando Castille's name in your statement. That's your choice not mine.
Tomorrow morning on #AMJoy ... we'll talk Trump's legal troubles, the Philando Castille verdict, and the return of "who won the week?"
Police hunt and kill black people like Philando Castille. There's no justice | Steven W Thrasher
Killer Cop Says A Wiff Of Weed Made Him Spray Philando Castille With Bullets In Front Of Family
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