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This former Biogen and Pfizer exec thinks psychedelics might be the next big thing in healthcare

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Researchers who helped Pfizer develop a breakthrough heart medicine are now objecting to the drugmaker's $225,000-a-year price

Pfizer told @emmarcourt  that it would cut the price if diagnosis rises, which is the first time I've heard that from a drugmaker. Though, it's worth noting, they wouldn't say when or how they'd make that decision.

These doctors helped Pfizer develop a breakthrough drug. Now they've become critics of its $650-a-day price:

NEWS: Even the doctors who helped Pfizer develop its new $225,000/year heart-failure drug think the price is ridiculous. $PFE By @emmarcourt 

AZ, Merck and Novartis top Big Pharma's Q3 growth charts. Teva and Pfizer? Not so much

Pfizer scores FDA nod for biosim to AbbVie's Humira, but it'll have to wait til 2023 to launch

Pfizer may be turning the corner, and for investors with a longer time frame, it may be worth considering nibbling at the shares @pfizer  #Drugs  #DrugDevelopment  #Pharmaceutical  #Biotech  #Cardiovascular  #Arthritis  #Oncology  #Heart  #MoneyShows  #InvestSmarter 

$PFE Pfizer's ABRILADA Approved by the FDA as a Biosimilar to Humira for the Treatment of Certain Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis


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Who really benefitted from Trump's tax cuts? Pfizer --> Donations to GOP: $16M Tax Cut Received: $39B GE--> Donations to GOP: $20M Tax Cut Received: $16B Chevron--> Donations to GOP: $13M Tax Cut Received: $9B It's socialism for the rich in exchange for campaign $$$

Billions of dollars in investments & thousands of new jobs in America! An initiative via Corning, Merck & Pfizer:

Pfizer had clues its blockbuster drug could prevent Alzheimer’s. Why didn’t it tell the world?

Pfizer & others should be ashamed that they have raised drug prices for no reason. They are merely taking advantage of the poor & others unable to defend themselves, while at the same time giving bargain basement prices to other countries in Europe & elsewhere. We will respond!

Thank you to Novartis for not increasing your prices on prescription drugs. Likewise to Pfizer. We are making a big push to actually reduce the prices, maybe substantially, on prescription drugs.

Just talked with Pfizer CEO and on our drug pricing blueprint. Pfizer is rolling back price hikes, so American patients don’t pay more. We applaud Pfizer for this decision and hope other companies do the same. Great news for the American people!

This is what Christmas season looks like in Trumpland: -Take away paychecks of 800,000 workers by shutting the government. -Take away $1.40 meals from 755,000 hungry, unemployed Americans. - Give Pfizer a $26.5 billion tax cut after it increased the price of life saving drugs.

UPDATE: Companies that are asking Cindy-Hyde Smith to refund their contributions: Union PacificBoston ScientificWalmartLeidos AT&T PfizerAmgen MLB Ernst & Young Companies that are letting Hyde-Smith keep their money:

UPDATED: Corporations asking Cindy Hyde-Smith to refund their contributions Union PacificBoston ScientificWalmartLeidos AT&T PfizerAmgen These are unprecedented actions against a sitting United States Senator.

Remember when CEOs said they'd create thousands of jobs if we gave them massive tax cuts? Well, AT&T, Comcast and Pfizer just laid off hundreds of workers right after the Republicans passed their pathetic tax bill.