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Pete Shelley, lead singer of punk band Buzzcocks, dies aged 63 of suspected heart attack
Pete Shelley wrote perfect three minute pop songs. The soundtrack to being a teenager. You’ll be missed Pete but you’ll be remembered for a long long time for your brilliant music
People on here being more upset about Dani Dyer splitting up with some cunt from Love Island than Pete Shelley's death makes me long for 1978 #grumpyoldmantweet
Buzzcocks lead singer Pete Shelley has died at age 63 of a suspected heart attack
Pete Shelley's Tour de France masterpiece
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Pete Shelley RIP
Playing shows with the was one of the highlights of my life. I listened to Singles and Tension as much as any records I’ve owned. Thank you, Pete, for all the great words and music. Condolences to Steve and the boys.
Hollow Inside,
Farewell Pete Shelley.
The first album I ever owned was Love Bites By Buzzcocks. This is my favourite song by them
On Sunday from 6pm, #NP6music will be paying tribute to the ' Pete Shelley with a special show devoted to his music – plus the acts who inspired him and the artists who followed his lead. Let us know what you want to hear, and why?
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