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Peta Credlin's got nothing but praise for the Prime Minister's latest speech.

The Queensland and NSW governments have been mired in scandal, but it’s @GladysB  who is in the most political trouble, according to Peta Credlin

Peta Credlin said the @ScottMorrisonMP  “thankfully isn’t willing to cop” a public service or ministers who “merely want to mind the shop” instead of a system shake-up and change. #Credlin 

Peta Credlin is urging the prime minister to “be very careful” after Indigenous Australians Minister Ken Wyatt said the government is considering other options to implement an Indigenous voice to parliament.

Sky News host Peta Credlin says Pacific nations need to stop subjecting Prime Minister@ScottMorrisonMP  to ‘baseless sanctimony’ over Australia’s emissions reduction record #credlin 

Peta Credlin says she witnessed whenever former deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop was in the cabinet room and that “she was listened to a lot” and was “usually the first to speak” after the prime minister. #Credlin 

Peta Credlin said Chinese leadership most fears that market freedom might lead to political freedom, with more people looking to Hong Kong and Taiwan seeing Chinese people “can be both prosperous and free”. #Credlin 

Peta Credlin said the $500 million promised to aid small Pacific countries has been “extorted” from the Morrison government by claims Australia’s standing is “on the line” with the region due to coal use. #Credlin 

Peta Credlin says voters “don't elect a Liberal government to do Labor things” and that the NSW government has made the “fatal mistake” of believing they will retain voter support, “regardless of how many times it lets them down”. #Credlin 

Peta Credlin says Liberal MP's are "furious" with the abortion bill. “Why is she picking a fight she didn’t need to pick."


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Peta Credlin: Hypocrisy aside, the advent of a big-spending, anti-business, growth-stifling, reform-shy government in New Zealand under @jacindaardern  highlights, yet again, that the Left is all about what you say, not what you do. MORE: #Credlin 

Peta Credlin on the Brexit deal: There's a saying in politics that things are rarely as bad, or as good as they seem. And it's usually true, but this Brexit fiasco is about as bad as it gets. MORE: #Credlin 

No hard questions by Sky’s Peta Credlin after the Adani Group pay for the broadcaster to visit India and interview the boss. #MediaWatch 

Peta Credlin: The issue isn't whether or not you agree with what Israel Folau posted. It's about his right to post it. It's more important to defend the right of others to say things you disagree with than it is to defend views you support. MORE: #Credlin 

A week ago, Peta Credlin said Labor's carbon tax wasn't a carbon tax. Now she writes Shorten will bring back a carbon tax. Zero credibility

Peta Credlin: The whole point of an election campaign is to give us the facts and let us decide, but if you've got a big policy like climate change that you can't explain, won't cost, and can't change, then in my book, you aren't fit to be the govt. MORE:

Labor details its climate change policy. Peta Credlin: Labor failed to provide the costings & financial numbers behind this plan. When a party won't give you the full policy before an election then there's a reason why they're hiding it. MORE: #credlin 

Peta Credlin offering some really interesting insights on what the Liberals in Victoria could have done to emulate the success of the Abbott government.

Peta Credlin: Here are refugees who supposedly can't go back home, yet they won't go to America. For people who are supposed to be desperate, they're incredibly picky about which safe, new, first world country they'll accept. MORE: #Credlin 

Peta Credlin on the Victorian Labor Party: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more ethically challenged government than this mob. I think Victorians would be mad to give this most left-wing of Labor governments another chance to ruin the state. MORE #Credlin