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These are so sick ! Thankyou @endlesslybright @NycolleCV #peru :)
soundchecking in Peru buddies. 📸: @ashtonirwin
Let's take it up a notch when ur posting your pics put where ur from in e.g from Peru ... England... France... Germany... Just to list a few
thank you Peru 🙏🏻 chile tomorrow. 📸: @hoeg
Feelin like a pickled hemmings, but I'm so excited to be in Lima, PERU
Will see you at the show tomorrow :-) ❤️
Thank you Peru. Thank you for our first show in South America x x 📸 @Ashton5SOS
happy birthday @dinahjane97 !!! peru betta spoil u with all the love In the world tonight girl!!!! love u and ur family, have a magic 19
Peru Ecuador Paraguay Argentina & Chile - we've added the vip package links to see u all soon. #BELIEVEtour!
Indigenous people in Peru have seized Canadian oil facilities. They are demanding the government consult them before signing oil contracts.
MEXICO killed it. BRAZIL is killin it. ARGENTINA, CHILE, VENEZUELA, and PERU I will see u soon!! #myworldtour
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