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BTS talk personal style influences and the importance of fashion in music #BTSonBillboard
Eleven personal trips this year by Trump to Mar-A-Lago: $29 million

Medical services for transgender people in the military: $8.4 million
The Democrats are pushing for Universal HealthCare while thousands of people are marching in the UK because their U system is going broke and not working. Dems want to greatly raise taxes for really bad and non-personal medical care. No thanks!
#MUFC is delighted to announce a fee has been agreed with Everton for the transfer of Romelu Lukaku, subject to a medical & personal terms.
Within each of us exists the potential to contribute positively to society. Although one individual among so many on this planet may seem too insignificant, it is our personal efforts that will determine the direction our society is heading.
Personal favorite. Obviously. #TellMeYouLoveMYGIFS
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The hypocrisy of President Trump’s decision to block release of the Democratic memo reaches out and grabs you by the throat. This is a president who puts his own personal interest above all else.
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You know how when you're a fast walker and the guy ahead of you is fast too but only 90% as fast as you, so you MUST pass him, but to pass him you have to walk comically faster than your normal speed, or else you'll be in his personal space too long as you pass? That's annoying.
I’m focused on me right now don’t take it personal
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