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The only alternative to this cruelty and chaos was to elect a person who used a personal email account for work, so you can see why it was a tough call for so many people.
Eleven personal trips this year by Trump to Mar-A-Lago: $29 million

Medical services for transgender people in the military: $8.4 million
#MUFC is delighted to announce a fee has been agreed with Everton for the transfer of Romelu Lukaku, subject to a medical & personal terms.
Hey, remember when Trump was charged with running his foundation as a fraud for his own personal benefit?
#EidMubarak to all of the brothers and sisters, Muslim and non-Muslim, around the world who participated in the month of Ramadan. Your fast serves as testament to humankind’s ability to sacrifice and share in a common experience for the sake of personal and communal growth.
Ramadan Mubarak! If you are observing, I hope you have a pleasant and productive Ramadan. Wishing you personal growth and happiness. 💫💛
Within each of us exists the potential to contribute positively to society. Although one individual among so many on this planet may seem too insignificant, it is our personal efforts that will determine the direction our society is heading.
I never asked Comey for Personal Loyalty. I hardly even knew this guy. Just another of his many lies. His “memos” are self serving and FAKE!
Whatever one might think of Michelle Wolf's performance, it's clear that anyone who works for or supports Trump has no basis for complaining about vulgarity or personal insults. Your house is made of very thin glass.
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