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The counterintelligence part of the investigation indicates that FBI and criminal prosecutors in Manhattan are looking at a broader set of issues related to Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's personal attorney, than has been previously reported.

Asked whether Rudy Giuliani should still be the president's personal lawyer, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says, “That's a question for the president...I think there would be other people I would have represent myself."

A gentle reminder on #WorldFoodDay  that generational, social, and personal pressure around food can impact the way we feel about it, and ourselves. Read an essay from New York photographer @gionvalentine  on working through those very pressures.

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Today at 2:15PM ET I will be delivering my maiden speech on the Senate Floor to share my personal story and vision for America’s future. Watch live here:

Mary Knowlton's husband and son are present at the plea deal. Knowlton was 73 when she was killed during a "shoot, don't shoot demonstration." Officer Lee Coel used his personal revolver and thought blanks were loaded into the gun. @FOX13News  #MaryKnowlton 

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"Do you not apply the same practices in your personal life that you do with your team?" Torrey Dye

Earn a $10K grant with @NextGenPF 's Gold Standard Challenge! Create and execute a plan that ensures ALL students take a personal finance course before they graduate. Apply by Nov. 1st:

if I block you, it's nothing personal. I just find it does me more harm than good to read your thoughts. It's like when I was little and my dad would tell me to close my eyes when a kid with a really bad swing was up to bat. He didn't want me to pick up bad habits. Good lesson

You must take personal responsibility

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These 5 personal finance tips from our friends @fiverr  are easy, actionable ways to take control of your financial state. What's personal finance practice has worked best for you? #personalfinance 


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No one is shocked that Zucker had a vendetta & would risk @CNN’s credibility to act on it. Look what went on at @nbc  on his watch! CNN Insider Blows Whistle, Records Network President Jeff Zucker’s "Anti-Trump Crusade" & "Personal Vendetta" Against POTUS.

Breaking News: President Trump must turn over eight years of his personal and corporate tax returns to Manhattan prosecutors, a federal judge ruled

Stop giving a fuck what other people think about you.. it’s stunting your personal growth and you have so much to offer 💯 This is a subtle reminder that you are worth more than you think you are.

Sushma Ji’s demise is a personal loss. She will be remembered fondly for everything that she’s done for India. My thoughts are with her family, supporters and admirers in this very unfortunate hour. Om Shanti.

Personal goal this year; to keep things in perspective and allow myself to thoroughly enjoy things instead of over analyzing and stressing over every single probable negative thing that could happen, that hasn’t and probably won’t.

On This Date: 14 years ago, a "flagrant personal intentional foul" abruptly ended a game we would have liked to have seen the end of.

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So now Congressman Adam Schiff announces, after having found zero Russian Collusion, that he is going to be looking at every aspect of my life, both financial and personal, even though there is no reason to be doing so. Never happened before! Unlimited Presidential Harassment....

Refusing to vaccinate your children cannot be justified by “personal belief.” You’re endangering their health and the health of the public. Your right to your “belief” ends where it harms others. Or as they say: “Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins.”

#MUFC is delighted to announce a fee has been agreed with Everton for the transfer of Romelu Lukaku, subject to a medical & personal terms.

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Eleven personal trips this year by Trump to Mar-A-Lago: $29 million Medical services for transgender people in the military: $8.4 million