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It was perfectly legitimate for Trump to be concerned that VP Biden might have used federal money to benefit himself by seeking the firing of a prosecutor in Ukraine, despite an absence of evidence to that effect, the inability to impeach a former official and ... 8/x

There was probably a legitimate center lane for Bloomberg — particularly since no one else seems to be running away with it yet, but he’d need to play it perfectly since he’s coming in late and has *a lot* of liabilities. So far, seems his strategy is majorly flawed.

So disappointing to see the Senate Judiciary Committee advance such a hateful ideologue as Lawrence VanDyke, but of course @LindseyGrahamSC  thinks his extreme beliefs are perfectly legitimate.

1) With hearings set to begin, let's be clear on what Trump is really arguing. He isn't just saying he did nothing wrong. His stance is that it's perfectly legitimate to use his office to systematically roll back all mechanisms of accountability.

"No, No, You Guys; This US-Backed Military Coup Is Perfectly Legitimate!"

"All of this is hearsay!!" This would all be much smoother if Bolton and Mulvaney and other administration officials just said what happened under oath and gave their perfectly legitimate answers to what really happened.

Even I didn’t bother watching the impeachment hearings. Why care? The simple fact is that all the real horrors of this admin are now perfectly legitimate. Why be a part of legitimizing fascism, kleptocracy, hate, camps, raids, treason?

“I continue to believe that your interest in this is not legitimate,” @MayorRGiuliani  said in emails to ProPublica. “Don’t ever try to give me bull I’ve been around too long. This is a hit job on a perfectly legitimate situation.”

"Before they were saying no quid pro quo. Now their position is there was a quid pro quo and it was perfectly valid and legitimate." - Rep. Raskin on what he calls a "shift" in the GOP position regarding Pres. Trump's call with Ukraine's president.


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It's worth remembering that there are perfectly legitimate reasons for being suspicious of Greta Thunberg. For example the fact that you're a great big stupid man-baby, tricked by an algorithm into taking your opinions from corporate power.

Remember that time the Steele Dossier was funneled to the Obama administration via Hillary Clinton and Fusion GPS, and we were told that process was perfectly legitimate all the way around? But this is super bad, amirite? # via @HuffPostPol 

JUSTICE REFUND: We Have Refunded All Single Bets on Leeds in the Leeds vs Aston Villa Match after their perfectly legitimate opening goal was cancelled out due to a moment of madness from Marcelo Bielsa.

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So Has A Problem With Because She Asked A Perfectly Legitimate Question Is Omar A Sharia Supremacist Which Supercedes Allegiance To Our Constitution⁉️ Does It Have Anything To Do With Their 2ND Largest Shareholder⁉️

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That said, Nicks great accomplishments diminish somewhat with boorish behavior to perfectly legitimate questions asked with proper tone. Just looked at the interview. was exemplary last night and Nick made himself look small. No reporter deserves that treatment.

“It's wrong to hate individual Muslims as persons but it's perfectly legitimate to scrutinise Islam as a religion” - Maajid Nawaz

Perfectly legitimate question about allies perceiving tensions between them and POTUS and POTUS seemingly more eager for Singapore Summit, and whether he views it the same way. POTUS attacks CNN for the question then hours later attacks Trudeau and doesn’t sign G7 communique.

Asking if #TrumpCantSwim  is perfectly legitimate. But I've seen zero proof that #TrumpCantSwim .