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“The color gray is no one’s color. It is the color of cubicles and winter camouflage, of inscrutable complexity, of compromise. It is the perfect intermediate, an emissary for both black and white. It lingers, incognito, in this saturated world.”

With bread-making becoming a popular lockdown hobby and yeast disappearing off supermarket shelves, Chelsea Winter has provided the perfect fix.

~Truly Berry *BerryYNW I'm not Perfect But stay Humble And my Pussy is always tight Even those teeny weeny penises can't get through. Mercy. A Yellow rose in winter is humble to see nobody knows how rare it can be I will find this Yellow rose, Kiss it and bring it home with me.

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The winter could make perfect coronavirus conditions

Thank you @RWMayakoba  for the most perfect winter getaway. Even though I spent three straight days in the kiddie pool, we all loved it. #family  @JeremiahBrent 

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Lunch time rip w/ @vegashooligan  on Goldie. Well that was a short winter, but it’s perfect motorcycle riding weather. @indianmotocycle 

The Rockies of southern Alberta want you to know how incredible their trails are for snowshoeing, and what a perfect moment it is to step out of your winter glamping cabin to see a frozen lake surrounded by mountains. Let's agree, you heard it here first.

In winter, this Idaho park lives up to its name as the perfect spot for some outdoor solace.

Now is the perfect time to explore the wonders of Michigan! Stay active and fight the winter blues with quick tips. #MentalHealthAwareness 


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So Pink Dreams blush... the reason why I made this is because I mix Baddie on the Block and Winter Kissed every single day... so I wanted these two blushes to have a little baby, the perfect pink! ? launching Friday at 9am

The tracklist of #BoA 's new album 'Starry Night' has been unveiled! Check out the total of 6 tracks that are perfect for winter on DEC 11 at 6PM KST, including the title song 'Starry Night (feat. Crush) depicting a couple sharing warm feelings as they watch the starry night sky!

Snazzy! RT @KenmarkEyewear : Perfect for adding some sunshine to those winter days ahead // ...

BoA successfully held her solo concert ‘BoA THE LIVE 2018 in SEOUL’ and mesmerized the audiences with her perfect performance and winter songs!❄️? #BoA  #보아 #BoA_THE_LIVE_2018_in_SEOUL_THE_LIVE_2018_in_SEOUL 

The perfect winter weather accessory. RT to enter to win this #PatsHatFriday  knit! Rules:

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A perfect winter evening to commemorate #Indira100  with song and dance at Nehru Park.

My new favorite sweater from @Kohls  is perfect for the winter! Get it here:

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