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Departing The Pentagon after meetings with @VP Pence, Secretary James Mattis, and our great teams. #MAGA🇺🇸
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From a report commissioned by the pentagon last year. Let's not tolerate blatant transphobia under the guise of some huge 'financial burden'
Trump has drawn rebukes this week from the Scouts, the Pentagon and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. That is impossible.
Weird world in which liberals trust the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Pentagon, while so-called conservatives prefer Julian Assange, Kim Dotcom & RT
BREAKING: North Korea launches ballistic missile, U.S. Navy officials confirm. Pentagon is currently assessing the situation.
New docs show Pentagon & CIA attempting to influence the narratives of over 1,800 movies and TV shows
Pentagon "didn't know anything about" POTUS transgender ban decision reports @barbarastarrcnn
Pentagon spends 10 times more on erectile disfunction meds than transgender services:
JUST IN: The United States has detected a ballistic missile launch out of North Korea, Pentagon spokesman says
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BREAKING: Pentagon investigation finds more than 100 civilians were killed after a U.S. bomb hit a building in Mosul, Iraq, in March
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