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Beautiful. Dark. Mysterious. Dreadful. Cozy up for a marathon of the original Penny Dreadful now on SHO2, or start your own #WatchFromHome  journey:

Dana White doesn't intend to pay a penny to "scumbags" trying to extort him in a sex-tape lawsuit. Full story:

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Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster wows as she walks on the beach in Florida

Make every rupee count, save every penny possible, use every rupee wisely and know this too shall pass #coronavirusoutbreak  #coronaupdatesindia 

Why these $1,000,000 gemstone pieces are worth every penny

Penny dunking on Sam Mitchell, who later became an assistant coach for Penny at Memphis.

remember the good old days when the biggest arguments on Fintwit involved #fanniegate  or $TSLAQ? BTW $FNMA is still a penny stock, so some things never change

"It is our firm commitment that we will not charge a penny for the use of our facilities"

Penny Pei's parents worry if she's lonely. Does she eat enough? “I really appreciate their concern, but it gets a bit much.” For Rainey Jin, getting back to China was an ordeal. “We are so young, but we have to face the difficulty ourselves because our family is not around us.”

Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster wows as she walks on the beach in Florida


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This woman spends every penny she has saving stray dogs ??

Goodbye, Penny. Man, did we laugh a lot! Wish we still could. Love you. Hanx.

We’re going to cancel every penny of student debt, and we’re going to pay for it with a modest tax on Wall Street. Wall Street doesn’t like that, but to hell with Wall Street.

It’s official. The @NCAA  is a damn travesty. This kid Wiseman is ineligible — after already starting the season — because COACH Penny Hardaway is a booster? This is straight B.S. no wonder @KingJames  and so many others are so against the NCAA. Hey @NBA , I’ve got an idea:

How can Democratic congresswoman and her tax paid staff go into Mexico to help illegal immigrants learn how to break American laws?She should be censured by the House,her staff should be fired for breaking the law,-she should be forced to pay back every penny of taxpayer money.

For the record,I insisted contractually I would never earn a penny from DRFC. I simply wanted to help club& community.Still hoping I can

last October: GOP Sen Corker says "If we're adding one penny to the deficit, I’m not going to be for it. greatest threat to our nation" he was for it this October: Treasury Dept reports 2018 deficit of $779-B, 17% larger than 2017 and higher than any point in Obama's 2nd term

Monday, the spent £1 billion to cling onto power. Yesterday, they voted against nurses getting paid a penny extra #NastyParty 

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In honor of "Labor" Day...Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn't be happier!

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