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Spain's acting Prime Minister and Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez meet pro-independence Catalan Party to unlock the political stalemate. #Spain 

ES Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez: "We will continue working for an orderly Brexit that guarantees the rights and freedoms of citizens and gives certainty to the economic sectors. We are committed to a future relationship as close as possible between the EU and the UK."

Spain's caretaker PM: “The Socialist Party hopes that there is not a third election. Spain needs a period of stability.” The king has nominated Pedro Sánchez as candidate for prime minister, but will he manage to find the support he needs?

King Felipe VI has nominated Pedro Sánchez as the candidate with the best chance of being sworn in as PM. But the Socialist leader still does not have enough support to be confirmed in the role: “We want an investiture, but it does not depend on us”

Caretaker Socialist prime minister Pedro Sánchez is seeking to form modern Spain’s first coalition government with the radical left Podemos

King Felipe VI began meeting with political leaders on Tuesday to determine whether Pedro Sánchez of the Socialist Party, who won the inconclusive election of November 10, stands a chance of being endorsed by parliament as the new head of government

If Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez is sworn back into office, he will push forward with plans to introduce a 3% "Google tax" on tech giants whose global revenues exceed €750 million


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Pedro Sánchez — nicknamed Mr Handsome — is on track to become Spain's seventh prime minister in its democratic post-1978 era

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Better late than never! The first step towards a progressive government in Spain was made. I am glad my friends and comrades Pedro Sanchez@sanchezcastejon  and Pablo Iglesias@Pablo_Iglesias_  have reached an important agreement, not only for Spain, but for Europe as a whole.

Spain is more ungovernable than ever and the person getting blamed for the mess is acting PM Pedro Sanchez

The Spanish Government bans the website of "TsunamiDemocratic" that coordinates the Catalan protests. The reaction of the Democratic Tsunami? They reapear in a website called . (note: Pedro Sanchez#SenseOfHumors  the president of Spain. 😂😂🤣 )

"[Prime Minister Sanchez] has certainly deceived us, but he can correct his course" Catalan pro-independence Minister @AlfredBosch  blames the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez for the widespread protests in Catalonia

Spain’s securities regulator sanctions Foreign Minister Josep Borrell over a share sale -- a further blow to Pedro Sanchez’s fragile government

When he took office last June, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said that Franco’s exhumation would happen “immediately.” Instead, his plan has been suspended by the Supreme Court.

Today I was delighted to meet Pedro Sánchez of , and former Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff. We spoke about the way ahead for progressive and socialist politics in Europe and Latin America.

An informative and optimistic discussion with Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. We talked about next week's Brexit votes in the UK parliament and Labour's alternative plan, as well as the upcoming Spanish elections and how we work together to combat the far right.

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Congratulations to Pedro Sánchez of on becoming Prime Minister of Spain. We look forward to a socialist government leading progressive forces in Spain to reconnect with the grassroots, reduce inequality and support the victims of austerity.

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