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Olive O’Mara was 21 years old when Japanese planes attacked the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor. She quickly enlisted and served in the Navy WAVES, the women's naval reserve. She just celebrated her 100th birthday in Utah.

US Born 4 months before Pearl Harbor : @BernieSanders  Isn’t he toast for the 21st century ?

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ICYMI on #SundayTODAY : Our tribute to the late Donald Stratton, who survived the attack at Pearl Harbor and kept alive the memories of those who did not.

Donald Stratton survived the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. His 2016 memoir “All the Gallant Men” described all the men he served with in Pearl Harbor. Stratton died last weekend in Colorado at 97 years old.

Imagine if after Pearl Harbor, FDR sided with Japan. That's how Trump is treating Russia. #TrumpIsARussianAsset 

The Navy said it is "investigating " building a new dry dock at Pearl Harbor and using the excavated material to fill in Dry Dock 3, where a first-of-its-kind "dry dock production facility " would be built to improve waterfront efficiency.

Navy considers building first-of-its-kind ‘dry dock production facility’ at Pearl Harbor#hinews  #hawaii  #pearlharbor  #staradvertiser 

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This movie model-making show and tell features some of the props I saved while working at ILM, including pieces from The Mummy, Pearl Harbor and Jurassic Park!

Relic from Pearl Harbor’s USS Arizona may become exhibit in Jackson


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On Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day'>National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we solemnly reflect on the tragic events of December 7, 1941, and honor those who perished while defending our Nation.

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Today, we honor those who perished 77 years ago at Pearl Harbor, and we salute every veteran who served in World War II over the 4 years that followed that horrific attack. God Bless America!

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Across the battlefields, oceans, and harrowing skies of Europe and the Pacific throughout the war, one great battle cry could be heard by America’s friends and foes alike: “REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR.”

We pause today to remember the 2,403 American heroes who selflessly gave their lives at Pearl Harbor 75 years ago...

Today, our entire nation pauses to REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR—and the brave warriors who on that day stood tall and fought for America. God Bless our HEROES who wear the uniform, and God Bless the United States of America. #PearlHarborRemembranceDay ??

Trump on world leaders: May: “Wrecked” Trudeau: “Dishonest & weak” Merkel: “Controlled by RussiaAbe: “I remember Pearl HarborMacron: “Low Approval” Trump on authoritarians: Kim: “Real leader” Putin: “Very smart” What an embarrassment.

FDR didn’t meet w/ the Japanese after Pearl Harbor. George H.W. Bush didn’t meet w/ Saddam after Iraq invaded Kuwait. And George W. Bush didn’t meet w/ Bin Laden after 9/11. So tell me, , what does America get out of you meeting w/ Putin after he attacked us?

The Raiders honored 98-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor Mickey Ganitch before today's game & he was ready to get after a QB ? (via )

On this day, we don't remember the destruction of Pearl Harbor. We remember the selflessness Americans showed that day as they risked themselves to save their fellow servicemembers, and we remember the resilience that followed. To all who served and sacrificed, thank you.