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On behalf of the Obama family, Merry Christmas! We wish you joy and peace this holiday season.
Destructive thoughts and emotions undermine the very causes of peace and happiness. If you think clearly about it, it makes no sense to think you’re seeking happiness, if you do nothing to restrain angry, spiteful, and malicious thoughts and emotions.
My heart is breaking for Las Vegas. We need love, unity, peace, gun control & for people to look at this & call this what it is = terrorism.
"May the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace." ABC News report from February 26, 1979 about the world of August 21, 2017
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Rest In Peace Prince.
Last night was the final chapter to an incredible story. I walk away at peace knowing my love for the game & this city will never be broken.
Inner peace is the new success.
the world just lost peace its a scary place and it's hard to take I really hope everybody is ok pray for France
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