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Before all you lunatics rush to Schilling’s defense, maybe check out his history with failed congressional candidate Paul Nehlen, who currently has a Telegram group where he is posting photos of Ryder trucks and pushing for a repeat of the Oklahoma City bombing. Not in Minecraft.

The only good thing I can say today is that I’m really glad Paul Nehlen isn’t a member of Congress. Really, really, really glad.

One thing Roy Moore didn’t face questions about last time which is bound to come up now is that Paul Nehlen appeared at multiple campaign events in 2017

My roundup this week has links on mindfulness, RFK, Alabama, the University of Utah, Paul Nehlen, the Strand, almonds, PTSD, board game news, and more:

Everyone arguing about what Laura Ingraham and Fox News “meant” when she displayed the likes of Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Milo, and Paul Nehlen need to just watch the segment. There is absolutely no point in which she hedges to note that they are “extremists,” as the AP noted.

Laura Ingraham Loses Advertiser After She Promotes White Supremacist • The Fox News host decried the removal of white nationalist Paul Nehlen from social media platforms. Advertisers are starting to notice....

Fox News on Friday issued a statement defending Laura Ingraham after she championed notorious white supremacist Paul Nehlen as a “prominent voice” on the right who had been “censored by social media,” omitting his virulent anti-Semitism and racism

Laura Ingraham Is Upset Paul Nehlen Is Censored On Social Media. Here’s Who He Is via @TPM 

Nehlen—Endorsed for Paul Ryan’s congressional seat by Sarah Palin and Laura Ingraham.


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Just a reminder that Paul Nehlen is a racist and if you’re defending him that’s what you’re defending. Cc @FoxNews ⁩

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BREAKING: Photo-printing company Fracture will pull advertisements from Laura Ingraham's hour after she promoted notorious white supremacist Paul Nehlen

Laura Ingraham defends white supremacist Paul Nehlen as one of the "prominent voices censored on social media"

Just a reminder that Paul Nehlen is an anti-Semite and if you’re defending him this is what you’re defending. Cc @FoxNews 

Paul Nehlen is a white supremacist who wants to remove Jews from the U.S. and wears a T-shirt celebrating the Tree of Life synagogue shooter. These are the voices Laura Ingraham and Fox News feel are threatened.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Roy Moore Paul Nehlen This clown in West Virginia The is running criminals, fascists, & Nazis for federal office (and no one within the party is denouncing them).

Among those spotted at the Roy Moore event tonight: Steve Bannon sipping Red Bull, Louie Gohmert, Paul Nehlen and Sheriff David Clarke

New: In a private Twitter DM group, congressional candidate Paul Nehlen said his enemies were "working for Jewish media" and promised to "decimate them all," according to screenshots obtained by .

Proud to be standing with Paul Nehlen since May 9th - Wisconsin please vote for this man "of the people" this...

Book blaming Jews for anti-Semitism, written by the Neo-Nazi movement’s fave “academic,” being pushed by Breitbart favorite Paul Nehlen.