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Sad news today. After years of medical training and hard work, a mate of mine has been struck off after one minor indiscretion. He slept with one of his patients so can no longer work in the profession. What a waste of time and effort. A genuinely nice guy, and a brilliant vet.
Pitbull lends his private plane to transfer cancer patients from Puerto Rico: "Thank God we're blessed to help."
A jailed German serial killer has been charged with 97 new counts of murder.

The man, a former nurse, had already been sentenced for killing 6 patients by injecting them with drugs and then trying to revive them.
It is not good enough for @theresa_may to say NHS problems are "frustrating" and "disappointing" when the Tory Government has caused this crisis.

Nurses, doctors and patients are pleading with her to properly fund our health service, but she is ignoring them.

Last night in England, there were no psychiatric beds available for NHS patients.

Not one. Anywhere.

This is England in 2017.

A disgrace.
Today, it was revealed the number of patients waiting too long in A&E has hit a record high. I went to Swindon to talk with health workers about the challenges they face working in our NHS after eight years of Tory cuts and failure.
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Attorney General Sessions' decision to restrict states’ ability to legalize and decriminalize marijuana is either willfully ignorant of the medical science or an act of greed on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. In either case, it's an attack on patients, and it's wrong.
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"The bill also includes tax cuts so large that they would trigger across-the-board spending cuts — including billions for Medicare. The last time Medicare was hit with cuts like this, patients lost access to critical services like chemotherapy treatment."
Doctors, nurses, NHS staff and @UKLabour have been warning @theresa_may and @Jeremy_Hunt that if they do not act we face another winter crisis in our NHS.

Patients and those who work in our NHS deserve better than this failed Tory Government. #NHSCrisis
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British surgeon admits assaulting two patients by burning his initials into their livers during transplant operations.
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