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Be patient, God is preparing new blessings for you.
Sometimes you gotta be patient
WATCH: Shocking footage shows a Utah nurse being arrested for refusing to give a patient's blood to police
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I'm a cancer patient and I'd just like to remind you that Trump is lying, because Obamacare saved my life, and many others
Sometimes, it is better to be kind than to be right.
Not an intelligent mind that speaks,
but a patient heart that listens
Guys thank you for being patient outside ! makes it a lot easier to take pics when everyone is calm!
South America! I absolutely love you! Please be patient with me❤️
Ha! I also can't be denied the right to purchase a Caribbean island. I just can't afford it. Just like a cancer patient w $145,000 premium.
Every single health care group is begging Republicans not to do this

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