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I remember shooting this video like it was yesterday but this was over 20 yrs ago😫The black Patent leather suit still ICONIC 2Day🙌🏾#TheRain🔥
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.@DLoesch: Democrats have, for the longest time, constructed this idea that they have a patent on sex, skin color, faith. #Tucker
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To save lives, Volvo gave away the patent for its seatbelt.
Source tells me US Patent & Trade Office Director Michelle Lee just resigned unexpectedly. Sent a goodbye email 5 mins ago, no reason given.
The patent for toilet paper should settle the over vs under debate
Nobody knows who invented the fire hydrant. The patent records were destroyed in a fire.
THIS JUST IN: US Patent & Trademark Office cancels Redskins trademark. Team will no longer have exclusive rights to name.
Thank you Jonas Salk, born 100 years ago today, who refused to patent #polio vaccine #endpolio
No one knows who invented the fire hydrant, because its patent was burned in a fire.
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