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Jay Sekulow and Pat Cipollone answer that the Articles are “a dangerous attack on the right of the American people to freely choose their President. This is a brazen and unlawful attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election and interfere w/2020...”

White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Trump attorney Jay Sekulow will lead the team.

The three well-known attorneys will have specific speaking roles during the upcoming trial and serve as clean-up hitters behind White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow, Trump’s longtime personal attorney, Sekulow said

The legal team will be led by White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, who will also be joined by former independent counsel Robert Ray and former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Trump attorney Jay Sekulow will lead the team.

Sekulow says he and a White House Counsel Pat Cipollone will be the “constants” with “multiple” speaking appearances, but the others are expected to have speaking roles as well Story TK

The five new members on the president’s defense team will all have speaking roles on the Senate floor: - Robert Ray - Alan Dershowitz - Ken Starr - Jane Raskin - Pam Bondi They will supplement the lead attorneys Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow.


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White House counsel Pat Cipollone has repeatedly revised his personal financial disclosure—indicating the information he previously provided was incomplete or incorrect—yet the Office of Government Ethics has still not signed off on the document.

Pat Cipollone, the WH counsel, is expected to take lead in the senate impeachment trial. But it isn't done yet. Trump has still been quizzing people about who should do it, and has wondered about Cipollone's lack of experience on TV, said a person familiar with the talks.

NEWS from @vmsalama : After hearing concerns about Sondland’s push for investigations at the July 10 meeting, Eisenberg shared the complaints w/Pat Cipollone, who told him to raise it w/Trump. Eisenberg didn’t.

DOJ had claimed the House was walking away from negotiations too early. Howell said Pat Cipollone's Oct. 8 letter blows up that argument: “These arguments smack of farce. The reality is that DOJ and the White House have been openly stonewalling the House’s efforts."

In the letter, White House counsel Pat Cipollone rejects the legitimacy of Democrats’ impeachment process, saying it “lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation” and accusing Democrats of attempting to reverse the results of the 2016 election.

Virtually every serious political lawyer was dumfounded by WH Counsel Pat Cipollone’s 8-page letter to Pelosi rejecting the impeachment inquiry. And now we know why. Trump largely dictated the letter With @swin24 

Trump sat with his White House counsel pat cipollone for multiple sessions as the lawyer went over carefully what would become the eight page letter to Pelosi saying WH won’t cooperate w/ impeachment probe. During those meetings, Trump would actively suggest insults to insert in

NEW: House Judiciary to investigate Trump's decision to make national emergency declaration. Nadler and Dems tell Trump in letter they want a hearing with WH counsel Pat Cipollone and Justice officials in the coming days.

Our latest reporting... *Trump came close to declaration late Thurs. *Pat Cipollone & team wrote up drafts *Trump spoke Th w/ Dobbs *POTUS then pulled back Friday *But weekend only stoked talk... *Short says many Rs, privately, okay w/ it