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The Safdie Brothers Break Down the Passover Scene in ‘Uncut Gems’ via @variety 

Watching the British Cummings brouhaha has me wondering what they'd do if the PM's daughter and son-in-law went 200+ miles to their golf course for Passover and the PM himself was encouraging protesters to 'liberate' themselves from stay-at-home orders?

Our colleagues around the world have been sharing their lockdown celebrations for Passover, Easter, Vaisakhi and Ramadan – focusing on what’s most important, and discovering unexpected positives during these challenging times. #HSBCFaith  #LifeAtHSBC  #Diversity 

As we say on Passover, "What makes this night different from all other nights?"

@TheFellowship  invested $3 million to help more than 215,000 Jews observe Passover in Israel.

When meeting in person is unsafe, how do religious communities gather? Iowa Hillel student and faculty leaders reflect on Passover and how the UI's Jewish students are staying connected via social media.

I'm guessing that Trump read, but didn't get, my Passover column about him

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@GovRaimondo  says hospitalizations spiked about 2 weeks after Easter, Passover, indicating people gathered

The practice of only allowing in fresh fruits and vegetables and packaged foods that are certified as kosher for Passover was not based on a formal Health Ministry decision

High Court: Hospitals have no authority to bar leavened products brought in during Passover


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Wishing a HAPPY PASSOVER to those celebrating in the United States, Israel, and around the world!

Through centuries of persecution, exile and struggle, the story of Passover has reminded the Jewish people––and all of humanity––of the power to overcome even the greatest of odds. Michelle and I send our warmest wishes to those celebrating with loved ones at home or virtually.

Bill and I wish the Jewish community a happy Passover. And if you're not able to celebrate with loved ones this holiday, I hope this day of faith and healing brings you solidarity and strength. Chag Sameach.

THEY TOLD US not to leave our houses — stay home to stop the spread. Holidays are hard - they said they knew that - but do it for the common good Yet @IvankaTrump ⁩ and @jaredkushner ⁩ went to Bedminster for Passover.

Wishing a Happy Passover to all those celebrating in America, Israel, and around the world!

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Passover'>Happy Passover to everyone celebrating in the United States of America, Israel, and around the world. #ChagSameach 

"Both of these sacred celebrations remind us that God's love redeems the world... Passover'>Happy Passover, happy Easter, thank you, God bless you, and God bless America."

Another despicable and violent act of anti-Semitism — this time at a synagogue in Poway, California at the end of Passover. We must act to end the scourge of gun violence and come together against the disturbing rise of violent hatred across the U.S.