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Heard an air traffic controller on air crying about not being able to pay her bills. She has a highly stressful job, and many rely on her for their safety. Including AIr Force One passengers. Adding stress to her life creates risk for others. Thanks, @realDonaldTrump.
Passengers on flight #NH106 took off in Japan in 2019 and will land in the USA back in 2018.

Passengers forcibly removed this man from the subway for repeatedly screaming the n-word
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What you just heard on @TheLastWord: FLIGHT ATTENDANTS are asking their union if it's safe to fly. They too count on air traffic controllers, TSA etc to make sure they and their passengers are safe in the air. This shutdown is both a moral catastrophe and a safety nightmare.
IMAGE: Passengers on a United Airlines flight today
Everyone at #MUFC is deeply saddened to learn that the Leicester City chairman and four fellow passengers have lost their lives following last night's tragic incident. Our deepest condolences are with their families, friends and those connected to the club.
Today, it was my great honor to thank and welcome heroic crew members and passengers of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 at the !
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Been on a long flight today. But members of the wonderful flight crew and several passengers have come up to me to pass on some very kind words for the good people at CNN. This means so much. If you see some of my colleagues out today, say something nice to them. Thank you!
Attendant on my Southwest flight tells passengers: "We're going to need four passengers ... just kidding."
Nine years ago today, a routine flight turned into a life-changing moment for 155 people. While I reflect today on #Flight1549, I am continuously inspired by how crew, passengers, rescuers and first responders rose to the occasion to save every life. Photo via
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