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Donald J. Trump
we are fighting for all americans from all backgrounds of every age race religion birthplace color amp creed o
We are fighting for all Americans, from all backgrounds, of every age, race, religion, birthplace, color & creed. Our agenda is NOT a partisan agenda – it is the mainstream, common sense agenda of the American People. Thank you El Paso, Texas - I love you!
Donald J. Trump
will be heading to el paso very soon big speech on border security and much else tonight tremendous crowd see
Will be heading to El Paso very soon. Big speech on Border Security and much else tonight. Tremendous crowd! See you later!
Donald J. Trump
congratulations to heather wilson who is the sole finalist to become the next president of university of texas
Congratulations to Heather Wilson, who is the sole finalist to become the next President of University of Texas at El Paso effective September 1, 2019. Heather has done an absolutely fantastic job...
Michael Skolnik
el paso texas beto orourke 15000 people donald trump 6500 people women lie men lie numbers dont
El Paso, Texas.

Beto O’Rourke: 15,000 people.
Donald Trump: 6,500 people.

Women lie.
Men lie.
Numbers don’t.
Rep. Jim Jordan
walls work these facts dont lie israelillegal immigration down 99 san diegodown 92 el pasodown 95 tucsondown 9
Walls work. These facts don’t lie:

Israel—illegal immigration down 99%
San Diego—down 92%
El Paso—down 95%
Tucson—down 90%
Yuma—down 95%

Let’s build the border security wall. #DoWhatWeSaid
Donald Trump Jr.
juarez mexico had 773 murders in 2017 directly across the border el paso tx had 19 the only thing separating t
Juarez México had 773 murders in 2017, directly across the border, El Paso, Tx had 19, the only thing separating them is a wall.

Because wall work!!!
Rep. Jim Jordan
while the president was giving a great speech in el paso congress was putting together a bad deal on immigrati
While the President was giving a great speech in El Paso, Congress was putting together a bad deal on immigration.

Philip Rucker
trump says el paso s leaders are full of crap when they say the wall didn t lower crime in fact crime stats sh
Trump says El Paso's leaders are "full of crap" when they say the wall didn't lower crime.

In fact, crime stats show El Paso was one of America's safest cities before fencing in late 2000's and after, no demonstrable change in violent crime.
The Daily Edge
fact check el paso fire department confirms lied about his crowd size only 6500 attended his embarrassing rall
FACT CHECK: El Paso Fire Department confirms @realDonaldTrump lied about his crowd size -- only 6,500 attended his embarrassing rally.

Meanwhile, estimates say up to 15,000 turned out for Beto.

#MarchForTruth #FightForTruth
Greg Abbott
anyone who thinks the border is not an emergency doesnt know the facts el paso is seeing a 500 increase in bor
Anyone who thinks the border is not an emergency doesn’t know the facts. El Paso is seeing a 500 % increase in border apprehensions from last year. Senators Cornyn & Cruz we’re right to support the President’s mission to better fund border security.
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