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1976: Cherenkov light and smoking pipe #TBT  #ThrowBackThursday  This piece of equipment supported counters emitting Cherenkov light for the WA35 experiment. Cherenkov light is emitted by charged particles when they travel through a medium faster than light would.

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This superconducting camera can count single particles of light and potentially help us detect alien life

Masks with a 'breathable valve' are less effective and could let viral particles through, according to experts

Small anomalies in the decay behavior of particles called B mesons may be a trail of breadcrumbs leading beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

The almighty Higgs boson governs a “Higgs field” throughout the universe that gives mass to other particles. But no one knows why three progressively heavier copies of each particle exist.

"People still haven't grasped the notion that asymptomatic people can be so common, and they wonder why it is they have to wear the mask when they're feeling well," an infectious disease expert said. "Simply exhaling can send out viral particles."

On Cold Water—named Best New Music—Medhane @mehdonny ) remolds jazz and soul samples as if from particles of sand

As experiments in relocating particles advance, will we be able to say, "Beam me up, Scotty" one day soon?

Plastic particles from car tyres found in UK waters


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A woman in Ireland demonstrated a helpful way to explain the importance of washing your hands to kids by doing an experiment that shows how quickly black pepper particles acting as a virus coronavirus move away as soon as the child has soap on his hands.

Last April, the first image of a black hole was released. The famous black hole is now famous for a different reason: For the 1st time, astronomers have recorded particles propelling from a black hole at nearly the speed of light using @chandraxray  data.

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This is what radiation LOOKS like. Uranium emitting alpha particles through cooled vapor

#ISRO CLASS, #Chandrayaan2 's Orbiter payload, in its first few days of observation, could detect charged particles and its intensity variations during its first passage through the geotail during Sept. For more details, please visit

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Smoke from the Australian bushfires is making its way around the ?, interacting with global weather & distributing aerosols—UV-absorbing particles in the air—along the way. Aerosols by color: orange: dust blue: sea salt pink: nitrates red: carbonaceous

View from the fairing during the STP-2 mission; when the fairing returns to Earth, friction heats up particles in the atmosphere, which appear bright blue in the video

Smoke from Australia's fires has made it to New Zealand, Chile and Argentina, carrying tiny particles (PM 2.5) that are linked to cancer, heart disease and strokes. NASA says the smoke is expected to make "at least one full circuit around the globe."

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Your talents are light particles hovering within you. When you foster them these light particles multiply, making YOU shine brighter #ARTPOP 

A particle called a neutrino was detected on Earth, found by sensors deep in the Antarctic ice, and traced to its source for the first time. Neutrinos are known as "ghost particles" because they can pass through solid objects.

Our oceans contain 500 times more microplastic particles than stars in our galaxy. Governments, packaging manufacturers, brand owners, and consumers all have a role to play. As a procurement professional, you do too. Learn More:

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