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Your data isn't your data but belongs to the government. I look at the internal deliberations of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Personal Data Bill and find that discussions are more on #dataprotection  and social media policing #privacy 

#Iran holds parliamentary elections tomorrow. Some thoughts in this piece on why #Rouhani  expected to have set-back: #Trump 's max pressure undercut economic goals -Shortcomings in reformist bloc/gov -Supporters of more hard-line factions galvanized

The RBI has shown its reservation on reviewing the definition of default even as a parliamentary panel insisted on relaxing the norms. #RBI 

My latest: Khamenei, not Trump, will decide Iran's parliamentary election tomorrow.

Parliamentary panel passes 3 quarantine-related bills over new coronavirus #COVID19  #Corona  #Coronavirus 

Today Anthony Albanese made a cameo appearance in the high-profile trial of Eddie Obeid, with the opposition leader grilled about a lunch where MP Ian Macdonald secured his parliamentary future. | @LetishaMarambio 

Iran ends week-long parliamentary election campaign

Parliamentary panel passes 3 quarantine-related bills over new coronavirus

Iran ends week-long parliamentary election campaign

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Campaigning officially ended on Thursday for #Iran  parliamentary election, state media said, a day before a vote seen as a litmus test of the popularity of the Islamic republic


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I do not think words can do justice to the rich contribution of @AmitShah  Ji as @BJP4 India President. During his Presidency, BJP got opportunities to serve in several parts of India. We also got our highest ever tally in a Parliamentary election. He is an outstanding Karyakarta.

"When all the parliamentary wrangling and legalistic arguing are stripped away, the impeachment process produced a set of facts that is largely beyond dispute: The president pressured a foreign government to take actions aimed at his political opponents."

RT if you think Narendra #Modi  is the worst Prime Minister in our parliamentary history?

#CAA No explanation is necessary, just have a quick glance at this parliamentary committee report from 2003, especially the names & highlighted portions ???

Together we are, together we shall rise and together we will fulfil the dreams of 130 crore Indians! A momentous occasion in our Parliamentary democracy, where landmark bills pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir have been passed with overwhelming support!

In my 4+ years opposing David Cameron I never saw a parliamentary performance like tonight’s from Boris Johnson: deeply irresponsible, stoking division, using dangerous, inflammatory language, fanning the flames of hatred. This is not about right and left but right and wrong.

Today is an important day in our Parliamentary democracy. I am sure my fellow MP colleagues will rise to the occasion and ensure a constructive, comprehensive & disruption free debate. We owe this to the people & the makers of our Constitution. India will be watching us closely.

I hope that all of Europe will unite in support of democratic forces in #Venezuela . Unlike Maduro, the parliamentary assembly, including Juan Guaido have a democratic mandate from Venezuelan citizens.

The moment a PM absolutely desperate for parliamentary support decided to have a *scripted* hissy fit blaming parliamentarians for her own failures was the moment I realised I’d wasted over two years trying to work out what her plan was. She never had one. She is an empty vessel.

This is the moment Catalonia declared independence from Spain today. Parliamentary votes are being read out. Si = yes, No = no.