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The very formal Ivanka Trump let her hair down a bit at her 2nd-to-last stop of her 4-day South America trip. Brass band was playing “Che la Reina”/“I’m the Queen.” Was written by a Paraguayan soldier going off to the Bolivian war as a farewell to his queen.

Jovita Feitosa of Tauá was not allowed to fight in the Paraguayan War because of her gender.

Most underappreciated wars (in America) in modern history: 1. The Taiping Rebellion 2. The Imjin War (+ the fall of the Ming Dynasty) 3. The Iran-Iraq War 4. The Russo-Japanese War 5. The Sino-Vietnamese War (1979) 6. The Paraguayan War 7. The Second Congo War

Paraguayan War: Biggest war in Latin America. Killed 70 percent of Paraguayan men (!!!).

A look at the #history  of the bloodiest war in the Americas -- the Paraguayan War -- that laid the foundation of contemporary #SouthAmerica 's geopolitical divisions.

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World war weird: Battiest weapons and craziest conflicts from the Great Emu battle to Pointless Paraguayan scrap

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"The Paraguayan War was the Dumbest and Costliest Conflict the Americas Ever Experienced”:

70% of Paraguay's men died in the Paraguayan war, meaning the country was rebuilt by women - las mujeres paraguayas

Or is it that in the war, Paraguayan women suffered for and supported the men, then gave the country children after? Interpretation, I guess

Speaking on Paraguayan TV, the Pope reminds viewers just how horribly destructive the Paraguayan war was, something many people forget