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And @pantone's 2017 color of the year is...
Pantone’s Color Of The Year might piss some people off, and it’s awesome:
The Australian gov chose Pantone 448 C for plain cigarette packaging after research found it was the 'ugliest color'
11 months
Thanks to a deal between Prince's estate and the Pantone Color Institute, he has his own royal shade.
PANTONE names ‘Ultra Violet’ as 2018 ‘Color of the year’
How many colors are there in the human rainbow?
Angélica Dass has spent years photographing people of every color, matching subjects' skin tones to Pantone printing color chart hues. The project is featured in this month’s issue of @NatGeo Learn more here:
Awesome beer cans show the Pantone color of the brew that's inside.
Prince finally gets his own purple Pantone color and it's called "Love Symbol #2"
Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome the funky new @pantone color entitled: O(+>
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