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Check out Deshaun Watson 2017 Panini Optic RC PSA10 I bought a ton of th @eBayse  this summer thinking he was underrated .. selling some to invest in some underrated nba rookies - Watson’s a beast and having a killer year- who’s interested ? :)

For this panini-style sandwich, steer clear of tuna packed in water; instead, choose good-quality tuna packed in olive oil.

HEARTY, HEALTHY TREAT - Fort Lauderdale Chef Michael Nichols prepares a meal that will have your family eating their veggies and asking for more. Panini'>Roasted Vegetable Panini is on the menu, as we grab a #BiteWithBelkys .


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Check out this exclusive daytime television performance of @LilNasX’s "Panini"!

In computer science, Pāṇini–Backus form is a way of notating syntactical features of programming languages. It is named for 4th-century BCE Indian scholar and linguist Pāṇini and John Backus (1924–2007), who further developed the idea 2,400 years later!

@lilnasx  linked up with @dababydababy  for the official “panini” remix 😩🔥

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ayy, panini, don't you be a meanie

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I finally remixed a Panini with @viewsfromnas ....catch us making panin @LuckyCatGRs  at now !! Can't nobody tell me nothing ;)

Tiger Woods winning Majors, cranes all over the skyline, Mick McCarthy in charge of Ireland. Fetch me a panini and an €8 pint of sh*t beer, because the boom is f*cking back, baby,

Also we need to make our mission to find out why @starbucks  don't sell the chicken Santa Fepanini in the UK !!

2 jams I decided to drop cause I'm tired stoned and only ate a panini last night.