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Lots of triggers today for convection/thunderstorms. #91L  will come ashore in SC, upper trough swinging through LA/MS into AL & another lobe spinning down from the OK panhandle this morning into central TX this afternoon. Can you find these trigger features on vapor imagery?

There is a slight chance of thunderstorms across the western Panhandle'>Oklahoma Panhandle and the far northwest Texas Panhandle Saturday evening. Highs are expected to be in the lower to mid 90's. #phwx  #txwx  #okwx 

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When they kick in your front door, How you gonna come? With your hands over your heads? Or on your smartphone delivering one more SICK dunk tweet on the president before he sends you to a reeducation camp (basically an Applebees in the Florida panhandle with MAGA posters)

Roughly three weeks after state and federal teams descended on the Panhandle to address the outbreak of coronavirus cases tied to local meatpacking plants, @GovAbbott  will give an update from the region. Tune in here at 2 p.m. CT:

LIVE: @GovAbbott  gives an update on rise in #COVID19  cases in #Texas  Panhandle meatpacking plants. #coronavirus  #coronavirusTXTX  More:

⚠️🌡️🚗With high temps in the 80s for many areas of southeast Wyoming & the Panhandle'>Nebraska Panhandle beginning this weekend, it won't take long for vehicles to become dangerous places to leave children or pets. Heat related deaths are preventable. Please, look b4 you lock! #wywx  #newx 

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27/930AM: Here's a forecast on possible shower/isolated TStm development this afternoon across SE WY and NE Panhandle. Severe storms ARE NOT expected. Could see wind gusts to 40 mph and brief heavy rainfall. #wywx  #newx  #wyoroad 

Gov. Greg Abbott is planning to give an update today on the efforts of fighting a surge in COVID-19 cases in the Texas Panhandle. The Panhandle is home to the highest rates of infection in the state.

WATCH LIVE: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will provide an update on the state’s efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the Panhandle.

@nycsouthpaw  @tomgaraIt 's really hard to see any trend in Georgia at all, so far. Texas did see a spike in mid-May that was almost entirely the panhandle (meat plants) which while bad, can not be connected to the lockdown loosening


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Trump, talking about migrants on the southern border: “How do you stop these people?” Crowd: “Shoot them.” Trump, chuckling: “That’s only in the Panhandle you can get away with that stuff.”

Getting ready to leave for one of my favorite places, the Panhandle'>Florida Panhandle, where we’ve given, and are giving, billions of $$$ for the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael. Even though the Dems are totally in our way (they don’t want money to go there) we’re getting it done!

Florida Highway Patrol Troopers are all en route to the Panhandle, from all across the state of Florida - to help those affected by #HurricaneMichael . If you see them, be sure to shake their hands and say THANK YOU! #LESM 

Warm up speaker at Trump rally tells “Washington to get back to work” to help storm victims in FL panhandle. But Trump is part of the hold up over disaster relief as he has objected to funding levels proposed for helping Puerto Rico.

I know it’s a political game to you, , but the people I represent are sick of the games. I’ve been to PR 9 times since Maria. I opened relief centers in FL. I spent weeks in the Panhandle after Michael. Shame on you for playing politics with peoples’ lives.

My wife, , & I have opened the FL Governor’s Mansion so FL Highway Patrol officers have a comfortable place to stay while deployed for Hurricane Michael. FHP has done great work this week in the Panhandle. We’re glad to open the people’s house to them!

I was scheduled to be in the Panhandle'>Florida Panhandle today. But last night convened a meeting for today in the Oval Office with himself, & his national security team to discuss . It’s #Venezuelanow  clear crisis is about to enter a new phase which will require new options.

Florida you need to get out and vote. Alll the gains you’ve made can disappear in an instant. Obviously the panhandle suffered a terrible blow last month but if at all possible stay in the game. So much is at stake. #fl  #floridao #FLGov #flsenida  sen

The panhandle, which was hit by a Cat 4 hurricane about a month ago, finished on time. In Broward, the Capitol of Corruption, the leftwing liberals are still “finding ballots”. ? #StopTheSteal 

#HurricaneMichael just hours away from a catastrophic, unprecedented #Florida  Panhandle, Big Bend Cat. 4 landfall. *Last chance* to get to a safe place, if told to evacuate. No long-time resident of the area has ever experienced a #hurricane  this intense.

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