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NEWS | Pangulong#Duterte : STL operations may resume if corruption-free

WATCH via Facebook LIVE: Pangulong Duterte sa Bureau of Fire Protection 28th founding anniversary

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Pangulong Duterte: I am not ready or inclined to accept the occurence of more destruction, more widows, and more orphans should war even on a limited scale breaks out. #SONA2019 

Pangulong Duterte: Corruption is everywhere… If there is anything wrong in my department, the executive, you are free to open an investigation… Call the idiots, expose them. #SONA2019 

Pangulong Duterte: We also paved the way for the entry of a third telco provider… Do not worry about this. There is no corruption at all. I guarantee you upon the grave of my father. #SONA2019 

Senior Assoc. Justice Carpio sa sinabi ni Pangulong Duterte sa SONA: "China is not in possession of the West PHL Sea."

Pangulong Duterte: Let me assure you that national honor and territorial integrity shall be foremost in our mind… The West Philippine Sea is ours. There is no ifs and buts. It is ours. #SONA2019 

Pangulong Duterte: Honestly, I have identified the enemy who dumped us into this quagmire we are in. I have met the enemy face to face. And sadly, the enemy is us. We are our own tormentors. #SONA2019 

Pangulong Duterte: Equipped with political will, the gov’t ordered the closure of Boracay Island for six months… We rehabilitated it. I am proud to say that it has been restored close to its original pristine state. #SONA2019 

Pangulong Duterte: China claims the property and he is in possession. ‘Yan ang problema. #SONA2019 


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Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte: I advocate the imposition of the death penalty for crimes related to illegal drugs. #SONA2019 

Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte on corruption in PhilHealth: I am grossly disappointed… I appointed a new PhilHealth president and gave him orders to prioritize ridding the agency of corruption. #SONA2019 

WATCH via Facebook LIVE: Pangulong Duterte sa Ceremonial Distribution ng Certificates of Land Ownership Award sa Boracay (Courtesy: RTVM)

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Pangulong Duterte: I do not give a sh*t about criticisms, because criticism doesn't make the country progress and develop. | via