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Twitter split as Pamela Anderson posts throwback photos with Melania and Donald Trump @pamfoundation  @realDonaldTrump  @FLOTUS 

Pamela Anderson wrote an open letter in which she praised the Trumps as a couple and she also asked them for a favor

Pamela Anderson posts throwback photos with Melania and Donald Trump after praising ‘leading couple of the people’

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Pamela Anderson and Kristinn Hrafnsson to attend HMP Belmarsh Tuesday. Julian Assange’s first social visit since illegal termination of asylum and arrest on US extradition warrant. Statement to press 10:00BST

Pamela Anderson is right. Julian Assange is a political prisoner, a publisher persecuted by the global elite because he exposed their corruption and war crimes. Fight for his freedom to defend our own! #FreeAssange 

Assange Is a Scapegoat, Not a Criminal. Pamela Anderson@pamfoundation 

Pamela Anderson discusses her May visit with Wikileaks founder Jullian Assange while he serves an 11-month sentence in a British prison, saying his “health is really deteriorating” and “there is a lot of danger surrounding his life.”

Pamela Anderson admits to feeling 'sick, nauseous' after visiting Julian Assange at HM Prison Belmarsh.

Pamela Anderson becomes Assange's first prison visitor as star arrives at Belmarsh high-security jail

“Feminism can go too far. I'm a feminist, but I think that this third wave of feminism is a bore. I think it paralyses men.” Pamela Anderson criticises the #MeToo  movement, warning women to use “common sense” #60Mins 

when u go out and forget ur bra but ur like ugh whatever coz ur too busy channeling ur inner pamela anderson

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