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Impeachment will be 'whole different ball game' once 'real' evidence is released: Pam Bondi@MorningsMaria  @FoxBusiness 

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who was hired on the eve of the House Intelligence Committee’s first public hearings, has become the public face of the White House’s impeachment defense.

"We absolutely want to call Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff, and the whistleblower. We want to put on our case." — Pam Bondi by @SamanthaJoRoth 

Pam Bondi, special advisor to President Trump, said she doesn't believe it going to be a vote on party lines. “I think a lot of Democrats are going to do the right thing," she said.

One magical result of the $$ was this Newsmax lede: "An international team of human rights activists – including American businessman Neil Bush, British barrister Cheri Blair, and former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi turned up the heat on Kuwait...."

Tony Sayegh and Pam Bondi are running Trump’s anti-impeachment spin factory - The Washington Post

Pam Bondi now spewing total fiction on Fox. Saying career federal government employees opposed Trump's actions in Ukraine because he was fighting too hard against corruption.

We fact-checked the Gordon Sondland impeachment hearing today. Here's what Trump, Pam Bondi and others have said on Sondland's role.

Pam Bondi on fox, absolute tuna deluxe package, top notch attorney, Trump has a warrior for truth, justice and the MAGA way!

Trump "probably" won't testify in impeachment inquiry, new White House adviser Pam Bondi says @Grace_Segers  / CBS News)


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Pam Bondi, just brought on WH communications ace on impeachment, has done her first interview on CBS, she dismissed Gordon Sondland as a “short-term” ambassador to Ukraine he’s not the ambassador to Ukraine

When she was AG in Florida, Pam Bondi solicited an illegal $25K donation from the Trump Foundation... ...while she was supposed to be reviewing complaints against Trump University for criminal wrongdoing. Her office never pursued legal action.

Bad omen? New member of WH rapid response team and former FL AG Pam Bondi misidentified EU Amb Sondland as Amb to Ukraine on CBS this AM: “Well he clearly had a conversation with the President of the United States, he’s the Ambassador to Ukraine.” (She made the mistake 3 times)

FLAG: Pam Bondi, just hired to defend Trump in the impeachment inquiry, repeatedly says EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland is "Ambassador to Ukraine." FACT CHECK: False.

Under @realDonaldTrump ’s leadership, Florida is THRIVING! Read more from Pam Bondi— former AG of Florida⬇️

Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi has been co-hosting ’s “The Five” show even though she’s still on the state payroll in Florida.

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Fmr. Florida AG Pam Bondi is joining Pres. Trump’s impeachment legal team - just as soon as she deregisters as a foreign agent for Qatar. @maddow  looks at some other members of the Giuliani-Trump legal orbit and their connections to fraud cases.

Exclusive: Conservative Group 'Bikers for Trump' Submits Evidence of Broward County Ballot Tampering to Florida AG Pam Bondi via

Excellent, Florida AG Pam Bondi asks state police to investigate county irregularities