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It's not only Pakistan that we pay billions of dollars to for nothing, but also many other countries, and others. As an example, we pay the Palestinians HUNDRED OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year and get no appreciation or respect. They don’t even want to negotiate a long overdue...
...peace treaty with Israel. We have taken Jerusalem, the toughest part of the negotiation, off the table, but Israel, for that, would have had to pay more. But with the Palestinians no longer willing to talk peace, why should we make any of these massive future payments to them?
Palestinians: why not announce that as far as you're concerned, the capital of America is London.
I love to see Palestinians dancing and having fun. Good &positive stories deserve to go viral as well. Watch this:
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Israeli soldiers shot 400 Palestinians during protests today.
Here's how Palestinians feel after President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
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Teen On Birthright Trip Hadn’t Expected To See So Many Dead Palestinians
Watch this. Guardian now reports that 773 Palestinians were wounded by live ammo and 15 killed. Gaza has been an open air prison since the blockade began, with an entire population forcibly disappeared. The marchers insisting on being seen.
Meanwhile, the situation in Gaza remains a humanitarian disaster. The U.S. must play a more positive role in ending the Gaza blockade and helping Palestinians and Israelis build a future that works for all.
What @chrislhayes did here on MSNBC is almost never seen on US corporate TV. He reported accurately on an Israeli massacre of Palestinians:
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