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Palestinians: why not announce that as far as you're concerned, the capital of America is London.
Here's how Palestinians feel after President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
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From Somalia to Indonesia, people around the world protest in solidarity with Palestinians.
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Guess what was missing from the media's coverage of Jerusalem? Palestinians.
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BREAKING: Palestinians report first death in protests against Trump shift on Jerusalem, say Gaza man killed by Israeli fire.
I love to see Palestinians dancing and having fun. Good &positive stories deserve to go viral as well. Watch this:
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Palestinians are protesting Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — and getting arrested for it.
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Media: Oh no, Palestinians are calling for days of rage!
Fact: This is their fourth day of rage THIS YEAR.
BREAKING: Palestinians say they will suspend all communication with Trump administration if US closes PLO office in Washington.
Saudis raise oil prices: We don’t riot.
Terrorists blow up a Marine HQ: We don’t riot.
Terrorists blow up US embassies: We don’t riot.

US says Jerusalem is Israel’s capital: Palestinians threaten to riot.
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