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My thoughts are with everyone in Pakistan. Another awful day. H
Awful awful news from Peshawar in Pakistan. It's so sad, thinking of everyone there.
Thanks Karachi! Thanks Pakistan! #RonaldinhoAndFriends #🇵🇰
My heartfelt congratulations to the people of Pakistan for Pakistan's independence day. #PakistanZindabad
Today, we join Pakistanis in Canada & around the world to celebrate Pakistan’s independence. Happy Independence Day!
Pakistan stay strong. You are unbreakable as a nation #PeshawarAttack
I send my good wishes to those in the UK, Pakistan and across the world who are celebrating the 70th anniversary of Pakistan's Independence.
On behalf of Canadians, I send my sympathies to the families & loved ones of those killed in today’s attacks in Pakistan.
92-year-old Krishan is returning to Pakistan 70 years after partition and wants Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs to live in unity. (Via @AJWitness)
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