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SHE HAS A NAME: Foreign exchange student Sabika Sheikh who was part of the YES Pakistan program, was shot and killed at Sante Fe High School. She was scheduled to go home to Pakistan on June 10th after being away for ten months.
The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!
My thoughts are with everyone in Pakistan. Another awful day. H
Awful awful news from Peshawar in Pakistan. It's so sad, thinking of everyone there.
It's not only Pakistan that we pay billions of dollars to for nothing, but also many other countries, and others. As an example, we pay the Palestinians HUNDRED OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year and get no appreciation or respect. They don’t even want to negotiate a long overdue...
Kashmir is an integral part of India and will remain so always. Kashmir is the pious land where my forefathers were born. I hope @SAfridiOfficial bhai asks Pakistan Army to stop terrorism and proxy war in our Kashmir. We want peace, not bloodshed and violence. 🙏
I’m introducing a bill to end aid to Pakistan in the coming days. My bill will take the money that would have gone to Pakistan and put it in an infrastructure fund to build roads and bridges here at home.
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Pakistan stay strong. You are unbreakable as a nation #PeshawarAttack
Currency against US Dollar, past week.

Nigeria: +3%
Japan: +0.6%
Australia: +0.3%
Brazil: +0.1%
Russia: +0.1%

Pakistan: +0%

China: -0.5%
Eurozone: -0.7%
S Korea: -0.7%
Canada: -0.8%
India: -0.9%
UK: -1%
Indonesia: -1.2%
South Africa: -1.3%
Mexico: -1.6%
Turkey: -9.7%
School shootings since 2009.

US: 288
Mexico: 8
South Africa: 6
India: 5
Pakistan: 4
Nigeria: 4
Afghanistan: 3
Brazil: 2
Canada: 2
France: 1
China: 1
Russia: 1
Germany: 1
Turkey: 1
Japan: 0
Spain: 0
Italy: 0
UK: 0
Netherlands: 0
Australia: 0
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