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Attempted terror attack at Paddington station as muslim tries to kill policeman.
'Armed' man reportedly shouting 'Allahu Akbar' tries to attack police officer at Paddington Station, London. (credit: @ElementMiller)
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Another job-stealing immigrant at Paddington station this morning. Thank goodness the government is sorting this ou…
BREAKING: Paddington station terror as man tries to attack police officer
No one should face cancer alone. Visit Paddington Station 2day & see how you can help @macmillancancer achieve this #NotAlone #PaddingtonBox
cousin of gang leader, racketeer and terror organiser Altaf Hussein currently held in Paddington Green Police Station in London. Net closing
We're handing out free evian today at #Paddington Station. Follow & RT for a chance to #win a Kindle! #BeatTheHeat
Passing through Paddington Station? Check out @macmillancancer's #PaddingtonBox to find out how you can ensure no one faces cancer alone
BREAKING: Man detained after attacking police officer at Paddington Station in London, whilst shouting "Allahu Akbar" no injuries reported.
Tom Watson due to arrive in London soon. To the Finland station, or rather Paddington
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