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First @packers game of the season.. Time to sit.
Loved the show in Milwaukee. Thank you for having us. So much @packers love. Hope you enjoyed the it. H
Hail Rodgers. Packers win 33-30.
Falcons slice up the Packers 44-21!
@packers win. I can sleep.
Packers dance all over the Giants 38-13!
Aaron Rodgers just made BANK 💰

Rodgers and the Packers agree to massive 4-year/$134M extension, the largest deal in NFL history, per @89JonesNTAF + @RapSheet
Packers knock out the Cowboys 34-31!
ICYMI: Aaron Rodgers led the Packers on a pair of last-minute scoring drives to pull off the comeback win at Lambeau.
The Packers and Aaron Rodgers have agreed to a record-breaking four-year extension worth $134 million in base salary, including nearly $103 million in guarantees, according to ESPN's @AdamSchefter.
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