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If Arizona loses to Buffalo after UCLA lost to St Bonaventure, the PAC 12 should disband & compete only at the intramural level.
The Big Ten has been perfect in bowl season.

The Pac-12 has been, well ...
Players had to be separated after an alley-oop near the end of Arizona State-Colorado in the Pac-12 Tournament.
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Bear. Down. 🐻

Arizona defeats USC to claim its 7th Pac-12 Tournament title!
FINAL: USC 31, Stanford 28

The Trojans beat the Cardinal to win the 2017 Pac-12 Championship!

The Big Ten has stayed perfect during bowl season.

The Pac-12 not so much.
So let me get this straight.

-- The Pac-12 got three teams in the NCAA tournament.
-- Two didn't make it out of Dayton.
-- Their champ is about to lose by 25 to Buffalo.
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The Pac-12 has no teams remaining in the 2018 NCAA Tournament.
Fight on!

USC takes down Stanford to win the Pac-12 championship game.
2 years ago: TCU trailed a Pac-12 team by 31 in the Alamo Bowl.

Tonight: TCU trailed a Pac-12 team by 18 in the Alamo Bowl.

TCU won both games.
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