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Pablo Escobar's brother is suing Netflix for $1 billion: 'If we don't receive it, we will close their little show'
The story of Pablo Escobar is insane! Blows my mind to think about the world that he lived in.
Colombian farmer finds $600 million of Pablo Escobar's buried drug money
Drug lord, Pablo Escobar spent as much as $2,500 every month on rubber bands to “hold the money together.”
Today I learned that Roberto Escobar, brother of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar of the Medellin cartel, has his own crypto-currency, because of course he does
10 months
Once, Pablo Escobar started a fire with $2 million because his daughter was cold.
Pablo Escobar: Net Worth – $30 Billion
Pablo Escobar and family at Disney World, 1981.
Colombian police pose with Pablo Escobar's body.
Egyptian striker Mido is enjoying retirement so much that he's turned into a modern day Pablo Escobar
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