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highest ppg when facing playoff elimination in nba history minimum 5 games
Highest PPG When Facing Playoff Elimination in NBA History (minimum 5 games):
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james harden could go scoreless the rest of the season and still average 286 ppgwhich would lead the league h
James Harden could go scoreless the rest of the season and still average 28.6 PPG…which would lead the league

(H/T @NBA_Reddit)
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in 2017 magic johnson said the lakers needed a leader and traded d lo russell this year career high ppg 196 ca
In 2017, Magic Johnson said the Lakers “needed a leader” and traded D-Lo.

Russell this year:
- Career-high PPG (19.6)
- Career-high AST (6.4)
- Nets in the playoff race
- First All-Star berth
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patrick mahomes magical first season as a starter 50 td no 1 82 qbr no 1 5097 yards no 2 chiefs 353 ppg no 1 m
Patrick Mahomes’ magical first season as a starter:

—50 TD (No. 1)
—82 QBR (No. 1)
—5,097 yards (No. 2)
—Chiefs 35.3 PPG (No. 1)
—MVP front-runner

He'll be back.
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since february the pistons are 12 3 and winners in their last five blake 253 ppg 78 rpg 54 apg drummond 205 pp
Since February, the Pistons are 12-3 and winners in their last five 👀

Blake 25.3 PPG 7.8 RPG 5.4 APG
Drummond 20.5 PPG 16.1 RPG 2.0 STL 2.0 BLK

Best big man tandem in the league?
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dangelo russell took the leap at 22 career high ppg apg fg nets 6th in the east youngest to hit 500 3s first a
D’Angelo Russell took the leap at 22.

- Career-high PPG, APG, FG%
- Nets 6th in the East
- Youngest to hit 500 3s
- First All-Star berth

Today he turns 23. What’s next?
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lakers since lonzo ball got hurt jan 19 4 9 losing by 168 ppg losses to hawks pelicans grizzlies
Lakers since Lonzo Ball got hurt (Jan. 19):

- 4-9
- Losing by 16.8 PPG
- Losses to Hawks, Pelicans, Grizzlies
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lebron age 33 is playing the 100th game of his season tonight he led the league in minutes played in the reg s
LeBron, age 33, is playing the 100th game of his season tonight.
He led the league in minutes played in the reg season.
He leads the NBA in mins played in the postseason.
No active teammate is averaging more than 10 ppg in the playoffs.
No teammate is averaging more 2.2 assists.
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scottie pippen s 1993 94 season without mj 22 ppg 87 rpg 56 apg first team all defensive first team all nba 3r
Scottie Pippen's 1993-94 Season Without MJ

22 PPG / 8.7 RPG / 5.6 APG
First Team All-Defensive
First Team All-NBA
3rd in MVP voting
All-Star MVP
55-27 record

Happy birthday, Pip.
allen iverson s career highlights 2000 01 nba mvp 7x all nba 11x all star 267 career ppg 7th all time
Allen Iverson's career highlights:
• 2000-01 NBA MVP
• 7x All-NBA
• 11x All-Star
• 26.7 career PPG, 7th all-time
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