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Students have:

- forced CNN town hall
- got new commitments from Rubio
- pressured POTUS to call for bump stock ban
- led advertisers to leave NRA
- dragged D'Souza, Ingraham, O'Reilly online
- saw Florida aide fired for lies
- raised *millions* for march

It's been 9 days.
A #POTUS whose name alone creates division and anger. Whose words inspire dissension and hatred can't possibly "Make America Great Again"
Today’s POTUS performance was breathtaking in the sheer number of provable falsehoods, intentional mischaracterizations and outright lies uttered. Clearly someone feels emboldened. Will GOP leaders continue to shrug this off? Bury their head in the sand?
.@POTUS: "The United States will not be a migrant camp, and it will not be a refugee holding facility.”
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.@POTUS Donald J. Trump meets North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore. #SingaporeSummit
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The oddest thing about POTUS lying about this new administration policy causing hundreds if not thousands more children to be taken from their parents if they illegally cross the border is that his AG is out there proudly owning it.
.@POTUS's pardon of Joe Arpaio, who illegally profiled Latinos, undermines his claim for the respect of rule of law
I don’t say this casually:
At what point do we ask, Is the @POTUS off his rocker?
Pedos and their agents are now arresting those who oppose them, in ENGLAND! #FreeTommyRobinson @Nigel_Farage @POTUS #Pedogate
It’s disgraceful that the POTUS is using the death of Edwin Jackson to mislead the American people into thinking that issue of crime in America are undocumented immigrants solely to further his racist agenda.
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