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POTUS got back to his Biarritz hotel 45 minutes ago and is tweeting away—about Regis Philbin, Sean Connery, and Fox News.

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The Trump campaign had a one-word response to Joe Walsh announcing he'll challenge POTUS for the GOP nomination in 2020.

Debt relief ahead for #farmers  - @POTUS  signs changes to Chapter 12 bankruptcy into law increase debt limit to $10M

Scenes at G7 leaders dinner: Boris Johnson pointed to rock he swam to, then chatted up IMF’s David Lipton;POTUS greeted lone female leader, Merkel, with a kiss; Italy’s Conte brought young son as +1; Melania navigated deep pea gravel. Trump to US press watching, “Not tired yet?”

@realDonaldTrump  just tweeted that @MediaBuzzFNC  is getting worse, apparently because I defended a Fox 2020 poll. I happen to think we make every effort to be fair to a POTUS much maligned by the media. Just had @hogangidley45  last week!

There is a genuine conundrum as to how much attention and seriousness to give Trump’s blurtings. On the one hand he is the POTUS . On the other is is an utterly absurd and unworkable pronouncement. On the other hand the public should know their President is being absurd.

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The Trump campaign had a one-word response to Joe Walsh announcing he'll challenge POTUS for the GOP nomination in 2020.

Another life just lost in #Tennessee . #POTUS , please end the suffering. #BackfireTrump 

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Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Announces POTUS Primary Challenge Against Trump


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A #POTUS  whose name alone creates division and anger. Whose words inspire dissension and hatred can't possibly "Make America Great Again"

Law firm @POTUS  used to show he has no ties to Russia was named Russia Law Firm of the Year for their extensive ties to Russia. Unreal.

POTUS breaks down in tears when talking about FLOTUS: "You've not only been my wife and mother of my children, you've been my best friend."

tonight RICK VS POTUS 11:30pm on adult swim The end of Season 3 This will be the last new episode for a while, so gather your loved ones and squanch your hearts out.

An entire island full of Americans in Puerto Rico are without power right now, and @POTUS  is cursing out NFL players at his campaign rally.

My British-born husband takes his oath of citizenship today. In the packet for new Americans, the welcome letter from POTUS is from Obama. 😂

Welcome to @Twitter , @POTUS ! One question: Does that username stay with the office? #askingforafriend 

It’s disgraceful that the POTUS is using the death of Edwin Jackson to mislead the American people into thinking that issue of crime in America are undocumented immigrants solely to further his racist agenda.

JCC threats, cemetery desecration & online attacks are so troubling & they need to be stopped. Everyone must speak out, starting w/ @POTUS .

Let me repeat: the @POTUS  fired the nation’s top law enforcement officer for refusing to defend an illegal, unconstitutional, immoral order.