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THREAD: Let the fizz explode Will you let me finish? To mark Jeremy Corbyn's last PMQs I wrote about the Labour leader's "greatest moments". Which obviously includes his high-five, but there are more... if you'd let me finish STRONG MESSAGE HERE

today is the two-week anniversary of the PMQs moment that Boris Johnson promised 25,000 tests a day - government is still not even hitting half that level

EXC: William Hague on becoming leader of the opposition when "people are utterly uninterested in what you think and do”. We talk reshuffles, PMQs, speeches and his advice to Starmer

Boris Johnson must face 'virtual PMQs' to stop him escaping scrutiny, MPs say

⚠️ Boris Johnson must face 'virtual PMQs' to stop him escaping scrutiny, MPs say Find out more here ⬇️

It is understood that one option for PMQs would be for a large screen to be erected in the Commons chamber opposite the dispatch box, with the minister answering questions in turn

Please could PMQs be conducted like the Downing St daily #Covid_19  briefing? Mr Speaker@LindsayHoyle_MP  in the chair. MPs questioning on screen. We could then have HMG held to account in a calm and dignified manner. @BBCPolitics  @politicshome  #politics 

On March 25 Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack and Heath Secretary Matt Hancock sat next to each other ahead of PMQs in the House of Commons. Mr Johnson and Mr Hancock have since tested positive for Covid-19, while Mr Jack says he has symptoms

How many more MPs and cabinet ministers also have it Boris was in parliament only two days ago for PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn uses final PMQs as Labour leader to insist his 'voice will not be stilled’


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The British government must stand for a genuine, internationally-backed peace plan. #PMQs 

At my last #PMQs , I paid tribute to those working to combat coronavirus.

“If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes & shoddy furniture let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas & shoddy philosophies" Einstein#pmqs 

I don’t know how Boris Johnson has got the brass neck to talk about the NHS. #PMQs 

The Conservatives are strong against the weak and weak against the strong. That's not leadership. #PMQs