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10 months
in the next 5 hours each RT = $1 donation by me to @PPact. Please read & share on why PP is important for all women. @CecileRichards
Very important message here and all for a good cause. Please watch the video and share! #FaceUpToDomesticViolence
My mum works with the charity Niamh's Next Step !! It's 4 years since Sam & Chris lost Niamh. Please share !!
Crowdsourcing: Discovered this antique Zippo Lighter that may have belonged to someone in the Vietnam War who served in Tay Ninh in 1967-68. Would like to return to its rightful owner! Please share to help get this back to Ben Middleton.
Really want to help this family get reunited with Nigel. Can we all help? Please share !!
Sometimes, sea level rise happens all at once.

In Antartica, scientists are uncovering a process that will be enough to remake the world's coastlines in decades.

This is the most important article I've ever written. Please read & share:

If you are in line before a polling station closes, they MUST let you vote, no matter how long the line is.

DO NOT leave.
Please share & help this worthy cause !
Please share this statement by @AdaColau, Mayor of Barcelona, on the #CatalanReferendum
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