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Walking into the new week like... 😎 So excited for you to see and hear what we've got coming guyssss!! 👀💛 P<3

This Baywatch babe can see #BounceBack  dropping on the horizon. #SteadyAreYouReady  DROPPING IN 3 days❗️ P<3

I was in some sort of dream land shooting the #thinkaboutus  music video. My scene was based on the start of a relationship, the honeymoon period... the BUTTERFLIES! 🦋🦋 #ThinkAbousUsVideo  P<3

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Oh my GOODNESS! The time is NOW! #WomanLikeMe  has been nominated for a BRIT Award and we need you to VOTE like crazy! You can vote ONCE every 24hrs until the 15th using the hashtag #BRITVIDLITTLEMIX ! Lets do this! P<3

The love I have for my Brit is beyond. Please keep voting so we can win another! I love you all P<3#BRITVIDLITTLEMIX 

Had a bit TOO much fun doing this 😂 Let's see yours!! Keep voting for #WomanLikeMe  to WIN a BRIT using the hashtag #BRITVIDLITTLEMIX  P<3

Channelling my inner baywatch babe, ughhhh you're gonna love what we've got coming guys!! #SteadyAreYouReady ❓ #BounceBack  P<3

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Filming the vertical video for #BounceBack  was fun, as you can tell 😂 Watch the official vertical video right now on the Hot Hits UK @Spotify  playlist loves P<3

GUYS, that was magical!🦄 I 💜 you all so much! PLEASE keep voting for us to win #BRITVIDLITTLEMIX  we can do it 👊🏼 P<3


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It’s my baby girls birthday... it’s her day but here’s a treat from us to you! #WomanLikeMe  🌹🖤 P<3

Kisses to all our amazing fans who do nothing but fight for us and show passion and dedication. You’re all my winners, I love you <3 #LittleMixFamily  P<3

Growing up I was always insecure about the freckles on my face. Over the last couple of years I’ve started to embrace them and don’t feel I need to hide them anymore. “Embrace your individuality. Love what you love without worrying about judgement” P<3

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the calm before the #LM5  storm... P<3

The monster in me, loves the monster in you 🖤 P<3

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What an incredible way end the year! 🙌😭 Thank you so much for having us, for joining us on that stage and YOU guys for being so amazing! If you didn’t catch our performance, you can watch it right here 😉 P<3